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17h42 UTC; TUESDAY, 1 MAY 2012: Is it just me, or is it possible that such among the Elmer Gantry crowd, and their prolefeed drookies in the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement, who scream "Demonic Possession!!" as a prolefeed meme (preferably in a hyperjuvenile singsong not unlike The Red Guy on Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel, if you still recall those shows) may actually be Demonically Possessed themselves, requiring their recourse to projection in vainglorious attempt to protect themselves and their Luscious Glory (or that which passeth for it)?


Staying for the nonce with the so-called "Tea Party," readers, what exactly precludeth their approving of something they would otherwise approve of as among their articles of faith--as in American companies repatriating manufacturing jobs heretofore outsourced to China, Taiwan, India, Bhangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico and other cheap-labour economies back to the United States, citing increasing costs of local labour, regulation and transport?

(Which brings to mind the fact that some 125 years ago, virtually all the major Chicago meatpackers--Armour, Swift and Cudahy in particular--found it more convenient to locate their abattoirs and packing plants closer to sources of livestock rather than concentrating such in Chicago. Which helps explain how it was that the likes of South St. Paul, East St. Louis, Sioux City, Omaha, St. Joseph, Kansas City and Ft. Worth became major livestock marketing and meatpacking centres in their own right, with some help from the railroads and the meatpackers' investments in refrigerated freight cars in transporting dressed beef, pork, veal, lamb and mutton to final processing ... even if pond or river ice was the preferred refrigeration technique until mechanical systems emerged in the early 1960's. Which would eventually become Chicago's undoing as a meatpacking centre; in 1960, the Windy City's last packinghouse closed its doors, followed by 1975 with the Union Stockyards, in its day the preeminent livestock market. Of course, you also had Cincinnati, Sioux Falls and Jersey City as meatpacking centers and livestock markets in their own right.)


In the GOPs desire to recast the "morally superior" AmeriKKKan socioeconomic paradigm, once destroyed by their own scheming and sabotage serving only to discredit President Obama (and excusing the exercises as "For My God and My Country"), into "new shapes of [its] own choosing," preferably through the same model of Reddingsdaad which eventually translated into apartheid South Africa, how do we know one tactic such as they have in mind for "winning hearts and minds" over (especially among the Lower Classes) is to borrow from Nigerian scam letters various memes and tactics seeking to scare as much "idle monies" from the working poor to be (theoretically) "leveraged into productive capital" as will "rescue our economy" and "put Dearest AmeriKKKa back to work" through appeals to National Unity and Cohesion, and related exercises in Class Consciousness?

(Said "productive capital" to be leveraged through "The Patriot Fund," theoretically expected to make "self-liquidating loans" available to "viable businesses and industry" as would create jobs for the otherwise "Non-Productive" classes per Ayn Rand Thought in exchange for equity stakes in such companies receiving said finance, same being invested unto Patriot II [as in an Exchange-Traded Fund] and Patriot III [as in a Retirement Savings Plan], the whole being managed through a Master Trust operated as a Social Responsibility exercise by a consilium of brokerage houses and investment banks in mitigation of Serious Criminal Offences, said stakeholders expected to assume all management fees and expenses in interconnexion for and on behalf of investors. Never mind that Patriot II is more than likely to be traded on the Pink Sheets or, at best, the OTC Bulletin Board in their Luscious Glory of regulatory laxity, especially with respect to reporting requirements.)


Whether this will have significant and measurable effect on airfares and quality of services is yet to be seen: In response to the increased and increasing cost of jet fuel (which is essentially kerosene, a/k/a JP-4), Delta Air Lines has announced its acquisition of a disused ConocoPhilips refinery near Philadelphia as will produce jet fuel for the airline's own needs and requirements; by Delta's estimates, such a move would save them US$300 million/annum on jet fuel costs. (Not to mention any proceeds from the sale of gasoline, diesel fuel and other distillates derivate therefrom as sidelines, mostly to independent stations and convenience stores.)

But then again, I believe Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand have experimented with using jatropha-seed oil (which, as it turns out, doesn't really need further distillation) as an organic jet fuel with some promise. So what would prevent the airlines from thus "going green" in terms of jet fuel by encouraging cultivation of jatropha (as best does well in tropical or semi-tropical climes, South Florida being especially favoured) for processing into bio jet fuel, their oh-so-close friendships with the oil interests and their political drookies in the latter's Luscious Glory of euphemistic deceit and trick?

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