"When fascism comes to America, it will be draped
in the flag and carrying the cross."
--variously attributed to Huey P. Long and Sinclair Lewis

18h UTC; SUNDAY, 9 FEBRUARY 2014: You know, and I know--and I know and you know--that it's commercial advertising revenue which creates the illusion of a "free" broadcasting service in the United States, radio as much as television (unlike certain countries overseas as assess a licence fee for viewers and listeners to finance essentially state-run, public-service broadcasters whsoe programming is not exactly "what people really want.")

And in the end, it's We, The People as indirectly pay for it with our purchase of your products or services in response to your advertising.

By these means, then, you are unwittingly enabling, giving aid and comfort even, to a potentially dangerous person who thinks he can channel the power and intrusion of American broadcast radio to the service of his agenda, his listeners unaware that such is an agenda which poses clear and present danger to Our Antient and Peculiar National and Sovereign Identity, and all that it stands for in the eyes of the world (especially so the oppressed and repressed).

Such power and intrusion being perverted, know, for the cause of Hate and Evil, hoping his audience will take it at face value, without question, reservation or moral evasion whatsoever. Not unlike Weimar Germany basically capitulating to the Nazis under Adolf Hitler in his Luscious Glory of depravity excused as reclaiming the glory of Germany before its supposed "humiliation" by the Versailles Treaty, which the Nazis were forever insisting was the work of Jews who "stabbed Germany in the back," as it were.

Such perversion seeking to whip up hatred, fear, suspicion and contempt towards the vulnerable and marginalised of our society such as the poor, the disabled, the welfare-dependent, the blue-collar workers, women, homosexuals, the transgendered and ethno-national, ethno-religious even, minorities, all in the name of a "REAL AmeriKKKa" which exists only in delusional fantasies serving but propaganda value, resident largely in rural areas lacking any realistic socioeconomic potential as are ripe for exploitation and plunder by scammers who see the "REAL AmeriKKKan"--essentially a "poor white" preferring to live among their own kind in clannish isolation, reinforced by Primitive Christian religiopolitical paranoia--as but plum suckers for their scams.

Such fear, hatred, suspicion and contempt having xenophobic and nativist tendencies latent in a target audience whose patriotic feelings and emotions are of a very crude and jingoistic sort, the kind which are easy to manipulate and appeal to if and when the circumstances require it, sometimes sub rosa and without warning, otherwise spontaneously.

Such patriotism insisting that Our Dear and Lovely AmeriKKKa is, by Divine Right and Endowment, the One True and Rightful Center of the World, the Universe, and the 28 Known Galaxies, any challenge to such claim to be met fanatically, Molon Labe-stylee even, to the last man if need be, and By Any Means Necessary, no matter how sadistic, how depraved or how perverto they may be. And holding such who served such causes seen as "noble and holy" early on in eventual contempt and disgrace, pariahdom even.

Not to mention a hard-wired, blind, unswerving even, insistence that free-enterprise capitalism--or, as Frank Luntz would prefer it being referred to as, "economic freedom"--with AmeriKKKan characteristics is Essential to Our National Character and Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations, even to the extent of creating a conflated notion holding that both are mutually interconnected so that an attack on one is automatically seen as that on the other, unaware that such "economic freedom" is structured to excuse socioeconomic disparity by the simple creation of wealth as benefits but the elect.

Even insisting that womens' bodies are nothing better than State Property, sex machines which can be controlled to the service of a racist agenda which, over time, can be unwitting counsel to rape, sexual violence, sodomisation, general contempt of women even, who are expected under this agenda to "submit graciously" to the will of the male, never mind where he may be dysfunctional to the point of predatory, being compelled to resort to sadistic extremes if required.

And leaving the poor to their own devices, insisting that they need to relearn Healthy Respect for the Dignity of Labour when many of the poor lack proper job skills made worse because of a dysfunctional educational system and the milieu it engendered and conservative socioeconomic articles of faith as have been discredited time and again (especially to the extent of such discouraging stateside investment in plant and industry in the name of "maximising shareholder value"). All the while, insisting that the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace, "just like magic," would save the poor from themselves with spontaneous jobs creation, unaware that such thought is actually based on a reckless misreading of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, which insisted also that employers needed to show some sense of responsibility to the community.

Too, there's also the insistence that anyone in diametrically ideological opposition to this agenda thus represented is probably an Unwitting Communist Having No True Patriot Love for Our Dear and Lovely Land, and is willing to "betray" same to the "New World Order" without due regard for the consequences to Our National and Sovereign Identity, Heritage, Values, Traditions and Institutions. Nothing more than McCarthyism arisen from the grave, pure and simple.

Such, unfortunately, is the agenda your advertising gives aid and comfort to
when it involves the nationally-syndicated programme of Rush Limbaugh, who sees himself as "the Truth Detector" and yet fails to recognise his own human errors and weaknesses--four wives (three divorces), an acknowledged addiction in past to opioid pain killers, a police record for suspicion of patronising child prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, and a shill for conservative prolefeeder groups such as the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, the Club for Growth and suchlike who doesn't exercise the common courtesy (let alone being mindful of Federal broadcasting law in this respect) of acknowledging on air that some of his comments are bought and paid for thusly.

Insisting all along that his weekday hatefest (with a weekend "best of" show) is, and should be regarded as, "entertainment," as if seeking to evade liability, culpability even, for his misusing the power and intrusion lying behind his Golden Microphone (which, for all we know, may have been spray-painted gold).

And know, it is your advertising, be it nationally or over his local affiliates from Mt. Katahdin to Mauna Loa, which allows such sowing of discord to be carried out to an audience whose grandparents, great-grandparents even, probably listened to (and gave support to) Fr. Charles Coughlin's Radio Shrine of the Little Flower in its Luscious Glory of sucking up to Fascist and Nazi leaders and their articles of faith, sometimes even passing off as original sermons verbatim translations of remarks made, sometimes just the week previous, by high-ranking Nazi regime officials such as Propaganda and Enlightenment Minister Josef Goebbels.

In view of what I have just said, I need to ask:

"Whose side are YOU on?"

(Memo to readers: The preceding Open Letter is directed to such companies willingly and yet unwillingly advertising on Rush Limbaugh's programme, be it nationally or through local affiliates. Your efforts in "spreading the word" of this message will be welcome and appreciated, preferably through the "Share/Save" button as follows. Which, in case you ask, is designed as a convenient "one-stop" way to share blog posts such as this through e-mail and social media. However, such should be used responsibly, as "spamming" e-mail or "bombing" social media, Facebook and Twitter especially, can only risk backfiring upon Your Correspondent as much as the ultimate cause.)