Saturday, 24 November 2012
00h UTC

Governor Scott Walker
State Capitol
Madison, WI 53702

Unfortunate as it may seem, Your Excellency, you fail to recognise that the proverbial handwriting is on the wall--but it is. As in the clear and present likelihood of past acts, deeds and exploits on your part during your 2010 gubenetorial bid, while you were still Milwaukee County Executive--and on the public dime, at that--being your downfall, your ruin, your disgrace.

Like it or not, it's one of those bitter pills as will need to be swallowed.

And that "Good Christian" patsy you're fond of deploying from time to time to excuse certain indiscretions as could actually reduce your pet article of faith about "Wisconsin IS Open for Business" to a joke won't buy you friends nor influence. On the contrary, such will only open the doors to exploitation by carpetbagger schemes from interstate promoting "work-from-home," "work online" and "network marketing" schemes making glowing-sounding earnings claims too enticing to such Real Americans made unemployable by your corporatist agenda and its articles of faith to risk loss of what limited savings they may have to the elements behind these schemes for that supposed piece of the pie as may not actually exist.

That, and the prospect of Real Small Businesses across Wisconsin being subjected to borderline extortion of a model which Jersey City Maschienpolitik boss Frank Hague coerced upon civil servants annually during his regime (which one such recalled being known as "Rice Puddin' Time"), requiring them to hand over as a "loyalty" exercise the equivalent of 3% of their annual salaries. In cash. And without transparency over what such would be used for.

Could it be possible that you're keeping the details of such exercises discreet? And if so, why exactly?

I know one likely reason, a reason you're unlikely to face up to for the nonce: During last week's sentencing proceedings for one of your drookies back when you were Milwaukee County Executive, by name and stylee of Kelly Rindfleisch, know, assistant DA Bruce Landgraf gave the court a rather clear and compelling PowerPoint presentation revealing your involvement, culpability even, in the use of your position, your offices and even official computers and resources vis-a-vis your gubenetorial campaign ... and the lengths you were willing to go in trying to fly below the proverbial radar in interconnexion, hoping to avoid attracting scandal.

Which, considering the "John Doe" model of enquiries being conducted--the which, to date, has resulted in four indictments and several plea deals--may have worked to the moment. In due course, however, consider the prospect you may be doing as much to your good name and repute as to that of the very State of Wisconsin in whose role (for the moment, at least) you serve as Governor. (And let's not forget about the state's credit rating with Moody's Investor Services, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings, which could be compromised by all the more by what could be a widening scandal.

(In case you don't believe me, click here, here, and here to see just how outraged the bloggers and the editorialists are becoming. Which, in the right circumstances, can spill over onto the Good People of Wisconsin, the sort your conservative prolefeeder drookies insist are among their ideal for "REAL AmeriKKKans"--white, rural, European-AmeriKKKan ["Aryan," the Nazis would have used], Bible-Believing Low Church Christians as can be easily manipulated to the extent circumstances dictate, especially when patriotism and loyalty come into the equation.)

Whether you know it or not, Governor Walker, YOU AND YOU ALONE can spare yourself further indignity as could cause serious damage to The Badger State's name, repute, industrial prospects and credit ratings if and when it comes along that YOUR very name is on a formal indictment as comes unsealed, the Finis Coronat Opus of the ongoing, if tenuous, "John Doe" Enquiries into activities you alone have ultimate culpability for.

All you have to do, know, is to make the correct decision that is yours and yours alone to make.

You can either consider the prospect of suffering the indignity of an impeachment action wrought upon you by the Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, with the Legislature acting as judge and jury (if not necessarily executioner) therefor, as could be your very ruination ... or you can spare yourself said indignity (and, in the bargain, do the Good People and State of Wisconsin a favour) by resigning your office, thereby avoiding your unwittingly becoming your own worst joke--especially should the impeachment proceedings wind up being televised live over Wisconsin Public Television's facilities (and, to some extent, those of Milwaukee's public-television stations, WMVS/WMVT).

The decision is solely yours and yours alone, Governor Walker. And the good people of Wisconsin expect you to make a sound, correct decision that could actually make all the difference. Especially before you reduce yourself to attaching yourself to the worst sort of prolefeeders looking for the basest, the vilest, the crudest of prolefeed distractions which you hope will buy you time and public opinion ... but which, in the end, the Real Wisconsinite will recognise as nothing more than distraction rivalled only by the worst of "reality television" such as American Idol, The X Factor, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother and suchlike.

"Think about it."

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