Sunday, 16 June 2013
14h22 UTC

Walmart Stores, Inc.
702 SW 8th St.
Bentonville, AR 72716-0520

To whom it may concern:

In the interest of Truth, and out of concern for the Real American People you claim to be helping, I pray beseech you to Please Explain (and in easily-understood terms, if at all possible) the following points, which are well-documented (or which are otherwise well-known to you, yet insist on keeping as Protected Trade Secrets):
  1. What exactly prevents you from using your already rather substantial resources, as situated both stateside and offshore, to construct or otherwise maintain stores, instead insisting on all manner of taxpayer assistance when you're already capable of financing such out of pocket (as it were)?
  2. What exactly prevents you from using said resources to pay your associates decent, livable wages and emouluments as actually helps the economy you claim to be helping with your "Save money. Live better" campaign?
  3. How much of corporate resources are held in "suspense accounts" with banks offshore, especially in infamous tax havens such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and the Turks and Caicos Islands? Are such accounts really necessary, setting aside any patsies you may have about "tax reasons" you may have therefor?
  4. Is it Corporate Policy to willfully, deliberately and consciously locate your stores in, or within close proximity to, designated lower-income, economically-disadvantaged or minority-dominant areas? Is it out of a desire to maximise tax subsidies or other incentives for so situating that you may not really be entitled to in view of your rather substantial resources, thereby raising questions of fraud?
  5. What exactly would prevent your locating stores in faltering downtown areas with empty storefronts galore, which could save you substantial money and reduce exurban blight made worse by the presence of your stores (including such closed in the interest of protecting Supercentre or Hypermarket USA locations from "harmful competition" with more conventional stores)?
  6. What have you to say to a recent Congressional enquiry which took the example of one of your Supercentres in Wisconsin to show that every Walmart store costs the Good Taxpayers of Our Dear and Lovely Nation some $900,000 of Our Good Money per annum, as in welfare emouluments to which associates are expected to apply for and obtain while, at the same time, prevailing "Tea Party" and "9/12" ideology expects the Lower Classes to "wean themselves off government dependency" all the more when they may actually be lacking proper job or career skills as may be made worse by a failing educational system expected to place warped and manufactured ideology above essential skills?
  7. Are you exploiting to potentially devious advantage the likes of targeted employment-assistance schemes such as School to Work, Partners with Industry, Vocational Rehabilitation, Veterans' Readjustment and Displaced Worker Retraining, knowing that such can carry substantial tax incentives you could easily abuse without clear checks and balances in place?
  8. Are you now, or have you ever been, a member, donor or other supporter (financial and/or moral) of such organisations as the John Birch Society, the Posse Comitatus, Americans for Prosperity, the Club for Growth, Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Patriots, American Crossroads (a/k/a Crossroads GPS), the Council of Conservative Citizens, the American Family Association, the Faith and Freedom Coalition, the Family Research Council, the Traditional Values Coalition and affiliated organisations whose articles of faith may actually pose clear and present danger to Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations?
  9. How much has Walmart, in its own right (thanks to the Citizens United ruling) or through affiliated Political Action Committees, contributed to the electoral campaigns of "Tea Party"-leaning political candidates at all levels or supporters of ballot plebiscites advancing conservative viewpoints and articles of faith such as "personhood" (alias banning abortion, contraception and family planning), "protecting electoral integrity" (as in requiring identity documents as an electoral requisite) and "protecting family values" (as in seeking to ban same-gender marriage and civil unions in the name of "defending marriage")? What sort of excuses have you to excuse such financial and/or moral support?
  10. Are you requiring associates, as a matter of "corporate policy," to participate in Soviet-stylee "ideological instruction" sessions (howbeit promoting conservative-tending ideologies and articles of faith) on a regular basis as part of their work requirements? Are you aware of such "ideological instruction" having clear and present likelihood of causing emotional and psychological harm in the targeted such as could cause serious distress making them eligible for disability benefits?
  11. Do you realise that the main reason many lower-income and economically-disadvantaged people depend all the more on Walmart is because Walmart, in some such areas, is about the only convenient shopping option available to them, what with smaller neighbourhood stores having been forced to close largely because of the abuses inherent in your business model as work to the detrius of small business?
  12. Do you realise that your lower-income and economically-disadvantaged target audience is grossly lacking in sound consumer education skills as would enable them to make more informed, wiser shopping decisions as maximises their buying power--the fact of which makes them easier to take advantage of, especially if unscrupulous?
  13. Do you realise that your business model, considering its target audience of the vulnerable and easily-led, is one not expected to emphasise practicality as one with value for money at the expense of selfish vanity which, in time, could prove wasteful and counterproductive (even to the point of such purchases perhaps winding up either in the trash or at jumble sales)?
  14. Have you considered where your power and intrusion across Real America (as your good and loyal drookies at Fox News Channel, Fox Business and conservative talkback radio) is actually undermining the "Real America" they insist on defending through business practices as are actually causing once-proud small businesses across this same "Real America" to close left and right?
  15. Do you realise that, by your buying advertising on conservative propaganda conduits such as Fox News Channel and the talkback shows of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham and Tom Leykis, you are giving aid and comfort to their common agendae of racism, sexism, jingoistic nativism, xenophobia, socioeconomic disparity and gross intolerance generally--all packaged as one with AmeriKKKan National Exceptionalism that your ignorant and easily-led audience accepts blindly and tacitly without due regard for the consequences thereof upon Our National and Sovereign Identity?
  16. For a company that enjoys waving the flag and trots out its being as American as baseball, motherhood and apple pie, what explains the fact of your having to import the T-shirts and caps as push this "in-your-face" brand of jingoism from such countries as China, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Myanmar, all rather notorious for their gross and blatant disregard of workplace safety and workers' rights (especially given where employees at contract manufacturing factories in Bangladesh have been known to be abused physically, psychologically, even sexually, for speaking out about unsafe and dangerous conditions which have actually proven tragic over recent months)?
  17. Do you realise that a more realistic specimen of the "actual Walmart customer" such as you're trying to feature in your commecials is a clear specimen of "poor whiteism," one who's too race-conscious for his own good (yet concurrently denying any racist feelings or tendencies) ... a rather blatant jingo ... sympathetic to "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" causes, unaware of their agendae's real harm to the Nation ... one too often dismissed from employment for such reasons as "drunkenness," "blatant absenteeism" (as in repeatedly showing up late) and worse ... sexually promiscuous or otherwise too engrossed in blatant pornography ... resident more than likely in trailer parks and suchlike bastions of "poor whiteism" such as you enjoy profiting from their misery ... more often than not likely to operate on a cash basis "out of common sense"?
  18. "Have you stopped beating your wife or harlots?"
  19. "Have you no sense of Decency, Sirs, at long last? Have you left no sense of DECENCY?"
In any event, we the Real Americans want answers, not platitudes structured to serve PR interest.

(Memo to readers: Please share this responsibly with your friends and acquaintenances through e-mail, social media, &c., via the "Share/Save" button following. The more people as can read this, the better.)



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