- I'd rather spend a weekend in Wisconsin Dells among the waterslides than channel-surfing the Vast Wasteland of cable TV.

18h UTC; SATURDAY, 6 JULY 2013: Which, know, is where Your Correspondent would love to be had he the resources to make it feasable.

Which, unfortunately, happen to be rather limited.

Especially considering the following Mitigating Circumstances:
  1. My past history of psychoemotional abuse and maltreatment as preclude my being able to hold down and find more traditional lines of employment, including in the sheltered-workshop system as is the traditional bastion of employment for the disabled (and even then, the options can get to be limited).
  2. Reluctance of friends and close relatives to assist, what with their own limited resources to begin with.
  3. Extreme unlikelihood of my coming into significant and measurable sums of money within measurable distance, through inheritance or otherwise.
  4. Past "outspoken tendencies" that, in the minds of some, make Your Correspondent an employment risk.
  5. Distrust of various "make money from home/online" schemes as overdo it on the glowing generalities to take advantage--and unscrupulous advantage, at that--of persons in my circumstances as cannot find more traditional lines of work (especially such as insist that one could earn big-big money simply by performing "simple online tasks" for but a nominal amount of time every day, unaware that such could actually backfire by all manner of delays and patsies explaining why payment cannot be authorised); the same could be said of Nigerian (a/k/a "419") scams reeking of the pathetically emo, insincere even.
Which explains, readers, why it is that I have the Online Mall and the Online Boutique in connexion with this very blog (which, know, has a conscience ... as in pledging part of the proceeds I would generate from your online purchases so generated towards reducing the National Debt of the United States, among other Good Causes) ... as well as offering the option of donating through PayPal whatever you care to donate; regardless, such would be a great blessing in supplementing what I get in disability benefits from State Social Security (and even then, such can only go so far when you have monthly expenses galore to deal with).

Especially against the likelihood of a serious delay in any fortune(s) I may be duly entitled to, which may or may not quite be forthcoming due to external circumstances. Now you know; however, should you still insist that I "need to find work," especially online, ask yourself: "What part of 'Mitigating Circumstances' don't you understand?"

By contrast, particularly so for our "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" brethren, consider this item out of Nanjing, China (via the Global Times of Beijing, as may or may not exactly be credible; emphasis added):
A young girl, who was pictured naked, smoking a cigarette and begging on the streets of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, has been sent back to her hometown with her father, local police confirmed Thursday.

Police in their hometown in Sihong county, Jiangsu Province, told the
Global Times on Thursday that the two arrived home Wednesday evening.

The picture was posted on Tuesday by a Sina Weibo user, with the caption "There are no relatives around her. Repost and see if she is abducted."

Residents in Nanjing reported seeing the girl begging along Zhongyang Lu for several days, often naked and alone, although sometimes she was accompanied by her father.

A shop assistant, surnamed Wang, said the pair had hung around in front of her shop for about a week and the girl rarely wore clothes.

"A middle-aged passerby once asked the girl to put her clothes on, but her father refused. It wasn't until later when the crowd gathered that the girl put the pants on," Wang said, adding that she had also seen the girl smoking.

An officer, surnamed An, from Nanjing Public Security Bureau, said they were called to check on a "suspected abducted girl" on Wednesday and they immediately sent both of them back to Sihong to check the girl's identity.

"She's around 6 or 7, and can't identify herself. We can't find any information in our system either," said An.

The father is mentally disabled and the two have been wandering for a long time after the mother ran away and left the family in financial troubles.

"His village committee tried to help him get subsistence allowances, but failed because he isn't in the village most of the time," said An. "I think he cares for his daughter. He said they won't sleep on the street in case his daughter is stolen."

However, according to the Nanjing-based
Modern Express, the father, who also has a son, begs because he can make more money, and can get more if his daughter is naked. She has earned over 600 yuan ($98) while in Nanjing.

"I've lived like this for years. I'd rather beg for money than farm, which is too tiring," he told the paper.

Web users have questioned why nothing more is being done to aid the child, and if the father should forego custody.

Ma Zuowei, secretary general of Nanjing Loving Home, an NGO that offers care to poor and orphaned children, said that parents should forfeit their rights to custody in such cases, but there are legal obstacles.

"NGOs like us can't intervene and rescue the abused or neglected children because only their parents have legal custody," Ma said, adding that while there is a provision to cancel parental custody in China's Law on the Protection of Minors, there is no concrete criteria to enforce it.
No wonder "Tea Party," "9/12" and "Christian Patriot" types holding such a mindset have such contempt as they do for the Lower Classes, essentially insisting that the poor would be better off begging, reinforced By Any Means Necessary as seeks to maximise attention and notoriety that, in its turn--theoretically--would maximise the donations from passerby willing to contribute.

Hopefully, this should provide you with some background and insight on this particular appeal. Otherwise, you know how to get back to Your Correspondent--in case you forgot, for one, there's an e-mail feedback form to complete as follows these posts.


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