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22h35 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 23 APRIL 2014:
Firstly, Your Correspondent needs to apologise at this time for some rather unusual tardiness in the posting of this missive today, as he was rather busy with a mental health evaluation, lunch--and a post-lunch nap, come to think of it--uptown much of the morning and afterlunch. Any inconvenience you may have suffered thereby is my fault entirely.

Meanwhile, how would "fairness and balance" be served by having as a reply to Earth Day an annual day seeking to promote "healthy and proper respect and love among the masses" for ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl based on the perversion advanced by conservative Zealots and True Believers insisting that such is a healthy and essential weapon serving the interests of National Unity and Solidarity such as they insist is the best and most "people-centred" approach to socioeconomic recovery and jobs creation (cf. the aims of the Afrikaner Economic Movement during the Luscious Glory of apartheid South Africa's naissence, as promoted to the Afrikaner masses through the Reddingsdaadbond movement)?

Meanwhile, imagine the following being played at some class of a "Tea Party," "9/12" or "Christian Patriot" rally of the sort attracting the lowest of the low, the "poor white" in his Luscious Glory of manufactured arrogance and hubris:

Tell me this is an unlikely way for reinventing American passenger rail: As in essentially having the major railroads establish a cooperative "open access" rail network operator, with responsibility for track and infrastructure (cf. Network Rail in Great Britain) according to established best practice (so long as the Justice Department doesn't object on antitrust grounds) and establishing guidance and best practices for passenger and freight rail services within "open access" parameters, providing real-time information about service delays, developing best-practices standards for passenger rail services (and the tendering out thereof), establishing uniform standards for ticketing and ticket stock, establishing fair and reasonable toll rates for network access and also mandating an ombudsman scheme to handle passenger complaints and monitor on-time performance against established standards.

Shares in said network being awarded equitably, with an equal vote accorded all members and any dividends to be reinvested in the network.

Whether this would have the desired result is anybody's guess.

Finally, does the following, perchance, have any relation to how Your Correspondent works his magic in blog form?

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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