If ever there was a reason for Real America to reject the folly
that is the Keystone XL pipeline, knowing such will have no realistic stateside benefit,
consider the preceding (as well as the story the image links to).

17h15 UTC; SUNDAY, 27 APRIL 2014: What a way to wind down April in the Minnwissippi--with what could be an extended period of cold, rainy and windy conditions as mean that the farmers and planters won't have much time in the fields, the which segues into the very early part of May. Hopefully, such work as planting will get off the ground before too long.

Meanwhile, for such of you as are acquainted with this blog thanks to BlogClicker.com, which yours truly just joined in the past weekend, Your Correspondent would like to suggest where they might want to share this very blog with such other online acquaintences they may have, and get them introduced to such a blog as may have no equal for snarkiness and sui generis of commentary stylee. (But be sure it's done responsibly; "spam" only makes it difficult and is actually inadvisable. One way to do so, should you have Facebook. is to share the comments thus posted into your Facebook timeline.)

And speaking of BlogClicker,com, Your Correspondent noticed in the rotation of some of his first surfing sessions for credit a (supposed) blog as turns out promoting a PayPal-based "cashflow gifting" scheme as invokes the supposed name and majesty of Oprah Winfrey to give same credibility and respect in the Moronic Underworld otherwise not expected to find more respectable lines lof gainful employment. The which he felt was deserving of giving the Google Translate-based Engrishification treatment with an eye to deflating the ego of the whole concept (not that anyone, hopefully, would respond to or play along with, given the rather incoherent, "what-the-[N4BSK]?" nature of Engrish):
I make a quick buck. As can be seen on Oprah! 50K in the PayPal account of $ you!
Your PayPal account $50,000, does Mase joke it - That's right!
It was respected U.S. ON proof of, 20 /20 Oprah, CNN, very different
100%, television and radio programs as being true feasibility and legally!
And to you can help someone for the price of 2 $5 Subway foot long, I change your life! As soon as it works legally. Basically, is all about this
People helping people people
"$10 USD" GUARDIAN system - in other words, is all it takes!
I'll try to keep this short and sweet . When you do once, you 're done.
To get started, and then paste it into the document in order to copy the entire page just to edit it. You, may it is less than 2 to 4 weeks, simply follow the instructions
Your PayPal account, or I have $ 50,000 or more as long as it.
The possibility of high profits and low investment ($10USD), most people will support this program. When you run the command, there is no To (! You can only do it many times) you will reach thousands of people limit to the income you can generate from this! To function this system integrity HONESTY, and faith!
I do think that everyone has heard of "PayPal"? I can join for free If you have an e-mail address! If you are not a PayPal user already, go to PayPal.com, you have signed up the first thing you need to

Here's how it works:
Step 1:
I will send a donation $5.00, the U.S. dollar from your PayPal account to the e-mail first
Using PayPal, address on the list (number 1), please be sure to include the "payment for the Internet marketing" e-mail, the function "send money". This keeps the program legal.
Step 2:
Then, you can be referred to (No. 5) and "the payment of the fifth of the Internet marketing" $5.00 another, the payment in U.S. dollars to the first five people on the list, send by e-mail.
Step 3:
(Position of number 5) After you have done it, delete the first e-mail address, and place the e-mail address at the bottom. And, fifth in the 4th and the 4th second, third, move the second of the third to first. It becomes the email address of the fifth on the list now.
Please do not try to put yourself in the first place. I will reach it just
You send it, e-mail address, it is removed from the list people. When doing this, it is the case is designed, Your email address, and to reach the top, the thousands it will reach.
Please do not forget that the $5, send a donation of U.S. dollar in the "payment for the marketing of the Internet" message and the first e-mail address. Please send USD $5 other
Donations to the mail and fifth people with words "payment for the Internet The". This, marketing 5TH help the fifth person to continue in order to track the progress of the character, and to send e-mail more.
List: here.

[E-mail address redacted]

The e-mail address, please make sure they are the same as those used to open a PayPal account for you! (As is the way this is, I will receive your payment).

Now, that pay fifth person and were first send both e-mail them (Via a PayPal account), turn on the e-mail address at the 5-position.
Step 4
Well, the only thing left to do is to mail the letter for you. It is possible to post to [various e-mail lists and online want-ad sites] and message board group (There are thousands). You also can send e-mail to a list of your own.

In order to check whether there is a AT of IT, it's your job as a list
5th person At least in order to 5TH Internet Marketing 20 transfer of money will response

Fifth person is the guardian of the system - you!

If there is no reply of 20, until there is at least 20, the fifth person, continues to send/post a letter at least.

Since you have them, many e-mails to SEND a $5.00 U.S. dollars to the people of the first times that you thank them for when it was guardian of $5.00 and a letter to 5TH PERSON to continue to go out more please check the.

Now, the fun begins. Reap what we sow we - other people to see your post, do the same at all. Guardian to pay off, to wait for the second slot fourth, and third for your work, by assuming the role may be hundreds or even thousands of other people of the Guardian, and keep moving the program quotient.

You When you reach the first position, it means that from the start of hundreds of you, thousands of people have been working on the program maybe. All of those people, will pay you as a first then, and do not believe that kind of money you have been generated. Seriously, its common sense - If you do, people of 25 or more to see, and exactly the same thing, you won everyone! You'll receive the same blessing thanks! Upon reaching your name (e-mail address) in the first slot, you will receive a dollar of $5.00 to you to be able 900 to 15,000 people make up to $50,000 USD easily each.You.

Most of your spend is 10 Dollars - please remember.

What happens around will come - remember. Please do not try to put yourself
Delete the account and automatically notify this without pay 5 in PAYPAL AS, I will continue to pursue legal action, perhaps. This is a legitimate program, they are part of it.

[Delete Testimonials subsequent]
(Come to think of it, isn't the old Engrish a wonderful weapon of satire?)

In any event, PayPal has been made aware of the scheme (and the blog related), ansd they are expected to take proper measures in due course. The preceding Engrish treatment was essentially done with satiric intent, mind you.

As for the conservative prolefeed trope about blacks having an inbred "dependency culture" such as precludes their finding honest employment, such ignores the fact of blacks usually having an inferior level and quality of education compared with whites, usually attending schools with lower academic quality than such with a predominantly white student body; ergo, blacks are less likely to have a decent level of core job skills for the workplace than whites. (Not to mention the fact of blacks having higher high school drop-out rates on average than "poor whites" in particular.)

Making matters even more trying is where many black families have often found it necessary to migrate from the job-poor and socioeconomically-disadvantaged Deep South to (theoretically) job-rich northern cities just to get betterjob and education prospects, thereby making the situation even worse. (Studies galore confirm this.)

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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