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18h15 UTC; TUESDAY, 30 APRIL 2014:
Starting out today, howbeit still cold and dreary (but with improvement possible at the weekend here in the Minnwissippi) with the one essay-writing programme the frustrated teacher is sure to welcome for once when all is said and done (and, for that matter, your typical student seeking to game the grading software in the process):

Could it actually be possible that some "Tea Party"-supportive types are actually behind the latest "make money from PayPal" scam known as "the $10 Guardian System," packaged as a "cashflow gifting" such of the sort "Tea Party" would love to see as the "new wave" in social welfare by virtue of its "voluntary" nature and its being founded on their subtle belief in mutual self-help (howbeit the wrong way)?

(Remember, PayPal continues to be made aware of its presence online, notwithstanding its presentation implying that they have some class of involvement in same.)

As if that weren't disgusting enow a possibility
, consider where the "real" (as in coded) "Tea Party" ideal for socioeconomic empowerment and recovery among especially the "REAL AmeriKKKans" they officially claim to be the Voice and Conscience of (but, as recent developments are proving, are nothing but Objects of Fun and Exploitation, made worse by their ignorance) is one which holds (a la the runup to apartheid South Africa by Afrikaner Nationalist leaders) that 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself"), as requires channelling a supposed Volkseenheid inherent in the masses By Any Means Necessary into a spontaneous (or so the official prolefeed would have it) campaign of Reddingsdaad whose aim is based on the Helpmekaar concept.

But they don't want you to know this for a fact. And we'd like to know why.

Could it be possible for now-disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling to get around the NBA's ban on his involvement with basketball in any way, shape or form by way of plastic surgery and/or procuring an assumed name to fool police and/or security agents with the several NBA franchises?

Returning in some measure to what I was discussing yesterday about tornadic damage to Tupelo, MS likely afflicting the facilities of the so-called "AmeriKKKan Family Association" and associated entities: Though the same is likely covered by insurance, Your Correspondent must be one to wonder if the AFA will be blasting out an "emergency appeal" to its highly-guillable followers and fellow-travellers among the Moronic Underworld for funds to reconstruct its HQ by falsely claiming want of insurance (while, in the interim, perhaps displaying a sign out front not unlike such from Nazi Germany proclaiming "Our walls may break, but not our hearts!" in the wake of destruction caused by Allied bombing runs on major German cities during World War II as targeted major cities) ... only to divert funds at the last minoota to "more pressing matters," not otherwise identified in public.

Finally, a puzzle to kill your otherwise idle time here in this rather snarky excuse for a blog:

"What will happen NEXT?!"

Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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