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17h30 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 16 APRIL 2014: Talk about the ultimate in Loyalty Drills, in the North Korean stylee: Bryan J. "AmeriKKKan Family Association" Fischer has been quoted as suggesting that "the One Percent" need to be lionised and feted in weekly parades for, in essence, writing the meal tickets of the Lower Classes supposedly having no regard or respect for industry or the work ethos and, hence, not "paying their fair share" in tax burden.

Even where certain conservative Zealots and True Believers want the tax code radically restructured so that income taxes "could be filed on a simple postcard!" (Never mind where no sovereign developed country has, to the moment, revised its income tax codes so as to permit such a possibility. Too, you also have the security issues from prying Postal Service clerks and sorters who may set up Identity Theft scams thus.)

Not even Ripley knows this: The real name and stylee of Senator Ted Cruz (GOP/TX), "Tea Party" prolefeeder darlie, is Rafael Edward Cruz; "Ted," a contraction of his middle name, Edward, probably having been chosen by image and spinmeisters to make him (and his message) more palatable to "REAL AmeriKKkans" from the ranks of Poor Whiteism.

So much for the Grand Delusion of ekonomesie vryheid oor ons styl being a Sacred Cow of AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations by Divine Right and Endowment (or so the conservative prolefeeders want us to accept blindly and without question):
  1. The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that 51% of the nation's sharebrokers have failed at least once the industry proficiency test, as administered by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), the industry's self-regulatory body; this in spite of repeated attempts by the NASD to keep test results a Protected Trade Secret "for competitive reasons." Notwithstanding, the WSJ found that such sharebrokers with repeated failure rates were all the more likely to engage in unethical or illegal practices such as unauthorised trading, "churning," recommending inapproriate or unsound investments or outright fraud.
  2. What Your Correspondent would love to see: In the name of "fairness and balance" to the Saturday-morning Cost of Freedom block of pro-business prolefeed on Fox News, he would like to see something in the vein of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report best entitled Die Prys van Ekonomesie Vryheid Oor Ons Styl (Afrikaans; "The Cost of Economic Freedom of Our Stylee"), replete with plenty of depantsing of Fox News and Fox Business "analysis" and toadyism reinforced by mashups with, say, Ed, Edd and Eddy, the Statler and Waldorf segments from The Muppet Show, South Park (especially where the toilet-mouthed Eric Cartman gets his quarter in) and such Afrikaans-language gems gems from the South African Broadcorping Castration's archives glorifying the Afrikaner Economic Movement as a "tip of the spear" for Afrikaner Honour and Privilege, including such programmes serving the cause of the Reddingsdaadbond movement.
The President of the same Hobby Lobby chain as is using the Supreem Court to challenge contraception mandates as part of the Obamacare health-cover reforms based on "deeply- and dearly-held Christian beliefs and values" is now pushing what is essentially a rehashing of the Christelik Nasionale Onderwys education syllabus as held sway in apartheid South Africa; already, he's signed on the schools in Mustang, OK to adopt the syllabus, and is hoping for many others across "REAL AmeriKKKa" to so embrace as one with Reclaiming Thy Dear Lovely Land to His Name and Glory within measurable distance.

But then again, I believe there are provisions in the constitutions of the several states as prohibit use of tax monies to support religious or sectarian instruction; hence, what would preclude Taxpayer Lawsuits challenging said syllabus in free public education systems?

And we can do without the invocation of Ukraine (and Russia's misadventures therein, notwithstanding official denials from Moscow) for the following scenario being all the more true (especially considering that the United States Navy hath it that they've developed processes to convert seawater to diesel fuel for powering its vessels at sea):

"What will happen NEXT?!"
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