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17h15 UTC; SATURDAY, 3 MAY 2014: Is it just me, or could it be that certain major companies are considering closing their Wisconsin operations in protest of Governor Scott Walker's policies and articles of faith which, far from creating jobs, actually puts obstructions in the way (especially where a "pay-to-play" approach is part of the equation)?

Tell me this would have been the conservative prolefeeder's ideal Hero and Role-Model for Youth:
An otherwise quiet middle-school student, even making the B Honour Roll at least once, accumulating all form and fashion of weapons of mayhem, and the components therefor (including pressure cookers, ball bearings and plenty of firepower) ... and methodically plotting a massacree at the local middle/high school complex seeking to emulate Dylan Harris and Eric Klebold of Columbine High Massacree infamy, hoping in the end to achieve, by way of a crack marksman with the police SWAT team, the Luscious Glory of Martyrdom and a Most Glorious Welcome at the Gates of Valhalla (by way of killing off his parents beforehand and setting up a police distractive in form of a brush fire nearby).

Which, sadly, summarises Waseca, MN middle-schooler John LaDue, who had designs on such a massacree as aforementioned were it not for an Alert and Patriotic Citizen calling 911 on his mobile when he spotted some suspicious acts, deeds and exploits at a local self-storage complex where the weapons were being stored and compounded preparatory to attack the other day ... in the process catching an otherwise Arcadian specimen of the conservative "REAL AmeriKKKan" ideal by surprise and shock by its preemption. Given belligerent and threatening tendencies early on in the enquiries, LaDue is now at the State Corrective School in Red Wing pending trial.

In any event, the question worth asking at this time is "what exactly got into this otherwise All-American Boy to plot such mayhem and ultraviolence?" And we can do without the excesses of over-the-top extrapolation lacking credible evidence or substantiation, such as conservative prolefeeders are likely to push within measurable distance.

Meanwhile, will those same specimens of Elmer Gantryite homophobia fawning over Russian President Vladimir Putin for embracing State-sanctioned Christian Homophobia in the name of "protecting our children from homsexuality" (and calling on Thy Dear and Lovely Nation to embrace similar measures to Help Call from Abeyance the Title and Mantle Abandoned by Apartheid South Africa of God's Own Country) continue doing so in the wake of intelligence suggesting that Putin may have sent in agents provocateur into eastern Ukraine as a vanguard for Russian troops now "in military exercises" on the Russo-Ukrainian Border, and is willing to send in said troops "to protect the interest of Russian-speaking peoples" in Ukraine solely by his very word--especially if full-on war ensues?

(And some bad news for the pro-Russian element: 31 Russian nationalist sympathisers were burned to death when a government building thus occupied in Odessa caught fire by way of a Molotov cocktail thrown by--wait for it--a Russian nationalist.)

"What will happen NEXT?!"

Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!


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