Conspiracy to ponder what zealots and Benghazi
is not a true believer (or affect the fact of its elements)?

18h45 UTC; TUESDAY, 13 MAY 2014:
So much for the Zealotry and True Belief held dear by the organisers of Friday's Kampfruf against the United States Government, promoted under the name and stylee of "Operation AmeriKKKan Spring," and the Luscious Glory they have for "reclaiming Constitutional law" in the United States (which, to Your Correspondent, calls to mind apartheid South Africa) ... and to make matters even more laughable, Larry "Judicial Watch" Klayman is invoking the martyred of the Nazi Holocaust as a casus belli for his dear lovely "REAL AmeriKKKa" (read: the Moronic Underworld) to overthrow President Obama and others in positions of confidence and trust.

And in any event, such is something as needs to be called unto FBI Notice and Attention.

Tell me these aren't mixed signals that will have the Christian Right
peeved big time: A four-university study led by Duke University researchers suggests that bullying is essentially a two-edged sword, never mind the "Christian love" patsy being deployed in its defence:
  • For the bullied, such can produce genetic markers in the cardiovascular system that could be an "early warning" of heart disease or heart attacks later on. And
  • For the bully, a momentary sense of the euphoric Luscious Glory as comes from using bullying as an agent of asserting power, confidence and trust (or so the bully perceiveth).
(The study's authors, however, caution that such should not necessarily be an endorsement of bullying.)

Some news for our "AmeriKKKa Needs to Be More Like China" friends: Beijing authorities, fearing a repeat of recent "terrorist" (read: "false flag") attacks on railway stations in three cities officially attributed to ethnic Uighurs (as well as the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Riots, which security officials fear could be a flashpoint for civil unrest as conspires to bring down the Communist regime), have set up a series of watch-and-ward patrols on major intersections across Beijing's city centre; as well, gasoline purchases in and around Beijing are being monitored, with a strict limit of five litres per customer at any time (and the reason therefor needing to be shown at time of sale), out of fear that such could be used to produce Molotov cocktails.

Methinks the "support" that disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling
insists is extant (or so he told CNN's Anderson Cooper last night) is really coming from the Moronic Underworld (given that Mnr. Sterling's rather banally racist remarks in an undercover recording have thus cast him in disgrace and disrepute).

Memo to Congressional RepubliKKKand twaddling their thumbs while the Federal Highway Trust Fund faces the prospect of depletion come August 1st, with risk of numerous highway and transit construction projects grinding to a stop for want of funding (and no desire to so replenish same, what with their hard-wired insistence that keeping taxes all the lower will magically create jobs--including the Federal fuels tax as makes the Highway Trust Fund possible): Article I, section VIII of the very Constitution you claim to be the guardians and defenders of holds that, among numerous other ennumerated powers, "The Congress shall have the power***to build post offices and post roads ..."

The which Congress needs to be reminded of.

Tell me this isn't Divine Wrath and Judgment for our continued insistence on discredited energy policies excusing the finite and polluting (as in fossil fuels, notwithstanding the insistence of certain Elmer Gantry types that God "endowed" oil, natural gas and coal resources upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land, and that its "wise use" is pleasing unto His Sight): Two miners being killed last night when a coal mine near Weirton, WV owned by the ironically-named "Patriot Coal Company" collapsed

And to make matters even more galling, the mine in question attracted no less than 250 mine safety and health violations in a one-year period.

That very sign, as found in India (and itself becoming popular thanks to "funny English" websites and blogs), has Your Correspondent imagining what you would have in mind for expanding on the theme of "Hilariously Enjoy--", especially when it comes to the likes of sports, hobbies, travel destinations (including major "shoobie traps") and other experiences. (Which you're free to expound upon in the Facebook-powered comments section following.)

As if "Keep Calm and--" wasn't good enough, know....

To the following may want to be appended
"--and pays a dividend of at least 3% p.a":

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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