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17h45 UTC; SUNDAY, 13 APRIL 2014: If there's one thing that Your Correspondent can be grateful for as a blogger of the worst possible sort, it's that he has yet to be hit by any class of serious epidemic of "freeping" or comment attacks by right-wing comment trolls influenced by the worst possible sort of prolefeed ot there.

As in that which panders to the crudest and basest of feelings and emotions, particularly so those which seek to conceal potentially serious emotional problems on the part of such who are thus trolling out of what they see as Serving God and Country. And any blogger who has had issues with comment trolls knows the signs thereof.

Let it be hoped that such remains the case. But on the other hand, following these same posts are links to my Guestbook and Slambook pages for such as are willing to offer up general comments about this online misadventure, or otherwise getting stuff off thy chest; for some reason, access to post-relevant comments (sadly, none to the moment) are available only by visiting specific posts and scrolling down to the end of the post to find that particular link. And as for comment trolls, we ask them to kindly move along with your vitriolic excesses of warped patriotism serving but racist and jingoist ends, hoping for nothing save to laugh like the Harpies of Greek mythology at the emotional harm and psychopathia ensuing.

Meanwhile, you can add former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to the ranks of such misguided elements insisting that Our Dear and Lovely Nation is now essentially in the same league as North Korea when it comes to the treatment of the "Bible-Believing Christian"--as usual, lacking any credibility or specimens of actual "persecution" of the sort recognised by the standards of Amnesty International and suchlike. Which has Your Correspondent wondering if such pushing this trope may be themselves unwitting sympathisers for the North Korean regime and, by extension, its religiopolitical agenda known as the Juche Idea.

And know, Juche is dripping with a xenophobic hypernationalism condoning racism, using a (pseudo)religious approach to divert the masses' attention from the enforced privation and misery the State inflicts thereon in the name of a Luscious Glory of Political and Sovereign Independence, Socioeconomic Self-Reliance founded on a People-Centred Socialism and a National Defence policy based on Fanatically-Driven Self-Defence--the Holy Trinity of Juche, essentially.

Make. No. Mistake.

If you can get a hold of the May number of the railfan magazine Trains, you may want to look up an article featured therein entitled "High Speed, High Stakes." The which discusseth private-sector companies in Europe as are operating passenger-rail services based on a "people-centred" model and concept--and are managing to win over serious business; examples from the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Italy and Denmark are cited therein. (For the record, the European Union has issued a policy requiring the former state-run rail monopolies in member states to adopt "open-access" policies for passenger and freight/logistics services on their networks, with private sector competition for international passenger rail services within the EU expected by 2017 and domestic such by 2019.)

Whether such a startegem of encouraging private-sector competition for passenger rail would be the ideal answer for putting Amtrak "out of the taxpayers' misery" in the United States, especially so to appease right-wing critics therefor (cf. practice in Great Britain) is anybody's guess--especially so outside of obvious corridor-type scenarios including the Northeast Corridor, California, and the Midwestern network out of Chicago.

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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