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18h03 UTC; SATURDAY, 17 MAY 2014: Don't you just hate it when, in switching on your computer and trying to get unto Teh Innerwebz, it turns out that you can't quite get said interconnexion? Such just so happened to be the case this morning with Your Correspondent, where the local cable broadband Innerwebz' supplier I use had loss of interconnexion for some while. Fortunately, if you can read this, just be good to know it's back up.

Likewise with the milder weather apropos this time of year in these parts.

Honestly now: Tell me if the following is an accurate representation of Your Correspondent relative to this blog, let alone his Twitter and Facebook presences:

So the egg is on the face of such responsible for for yesterday's fraud known otherwise as "Operation AmeriKKKan Spring," as sought the overthrow of the American Government and its recasting according to a "purist" reading of the Constitution: Out of a "guaranteed" 10 million expected by organisers on the low end of things, only one-thousandth of that number managed to show on the National Mall in their Luscious Glory of a warped and diseased patriotism perhaps last seen back in Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa.

In closing, I think it best to mention where I've decided to not post on Sundays at least over the summer; the better to facilitate at least some semblance of rest from blogging over the summer months forthcoming. And we could all appreciate it, could we not?

And as if that weren't enow:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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