22h30 UTC; MONDAY, 28 APRIL 2014: The following, via AddictingInfo.org, should be considered as A Warning to especially the more hard-wired Zealots and True Believers among the rank-and-file of the Greater "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement relative to where their donations are actually going. Read it and weep--but not to moi:
“If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” ~ Lyndon Johnson

This sums up the Tea Party. Since 2009, a group of flustered conservatives have taken to the mainstream to protest what they feel is an intrusive, dismantled, over-spending government. What is truly astonishing is that the people who donate to Tea Party organizations are those who benefit from food stamps, the Affordable Care Act, and take the most in federal subsidies. While these Tea Party supporters protest wasteful spending, they have no idea that their donations are not going towards electing their candidates, but expenditures for midterms. AKA – their getting their pockets picked.

A Washington Post analysis recently found that many of the top national Tea Party groups engaged in this year’s midterm elections have put only a tiny fraction of their money directly into the campaigns of the candidates they’ve endorsed.

The organizations and their contributions include:

  • Of the $12.4 million raised by the Senate Conservative Action and Senate Conservative Fund, only 17% went directly to candidates, and 23% went to other expenditures
  • Of the $7.7 million raised by the Tea Party Express, only 1% went directly to candidates, 2% to independent expenditures
  • Of the $7.4 million raised by the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, none went directly to candidates, and only 2% went to independent expenditures
  • Of the $4.5 million raised by the Tea Party Leadership Fund, only 4% went directly to candidates, 8% to independent expenditures
  • Of the $3.4 million raised by the Madison Project, only 2% went to candidates, 3% to independent expenditures

  • Independent expenditures was money spent advocating the election or defeat of a particular candidate. Apparently this is how they use their funds to create jobs (jobs to the 1% who run the show).

    According to the Post’s findings, almost half of the money, nearly $18 million, that these Tea Party groups have on hand, have paid for numerous expenditures not associated with candidates, such as: fundraising and direct mail, which is provided by many Washington-area firms and think tanks. Out of the $37.5 million spent so far by the PACs of six major tea party organizations, less than $7 million has been devoted to directly helping candidates. Not surprisingly, the Tea Party leaders, the one’s who advocate for “smart spending” and their family members have been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting fees, while their groups have taken out large sums for their airfare, retirement plans and even interior decorating. [Emphasis from original.--Your Correspondent]

    While these same Tea Partiers are complaining that liberal elitists have taken over organizations to advance monetary power, they have no idea that their little contributions are going towards interior decorators.

    More specifically, The Tea Party Leadership Fund has given out more than $250,000 to eight consulting firms in Washington D.C. The Madison Project pocketed $50,000 for retirement plans for its staff, for working a measly 2014 midterm election, and the Senate Conservatives Fund paid a luxury interior design firm more than $52,000 last year to paint and decorate its Capitol Hill townhouse office. So, when will your contributors be staying at these townhouses?

    Tea Party Patriots President Jenny Beth Martin, who faced foreclosure and filed for bankruptcy and subsequently turned to cleaning houses for income, was paid handsomely in the 2012 fiscal year, based on tax returns, and made a staggering $272,000, and will be set at making $450,000 at the end of this election cycle. Martin declined to comment to the Washington Post.

    The Tea Party Express, a PAC that is ran out of Sacramento by longtime Republican consultant Sal Russo, has handsomely paid Russo’s private consulting firm over $2.75 million since the beginning of 2013, while donating just a measly $45,000 to candidates and ads, and spending less than $162,000 on bus tours supporting their elections.

    Last year, it was found that the Tea Party Leadership Fund, in a move to unseat “traitor” Republicans, raised millions, but they had spent only $52,000 on candidates in the last election cycle, and only $154,172 in total for political activity. Yet, almost all of the money they have raised, had been spent.

    These are the people, the organizations, that advocate for smart spending, honest and open political discourse, and they spend near-to-nothing of their bases’ contributions on candidates. They spend it on retirements, lavish decorated offices, and 6-figure salaries for their leaders. Wake up Tea Partiers, you’re being manipulated out of your money!
    So when exactly will the average "Tea Party" supporter, in his Luscious Glory of poverty, fecundity and ignorance held us as "patriotic" and "virtuous", realise that he's really being taken for a ride faster than a Wisconsin Dells waterslide?

    "What will happen NEXT?!"
    Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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