(Nor are they expected to challenge the Fox News worldview by any means,
lest they be seen as "disolyal" or "mentally ill." But then again,
the "REAL AmeriKKKan" is expected to be above mental illness--or is he?)

22h10 UTC; TUESDAY, 20 MAY 2014: Sorry, good and loyal readers, for the delay this time, what with moi putting in some time sweeping up the lot at the motel he does for of the winter's grit and dirt, following considerable delay and false starts thanks to the crazy quilt of weather prevailing in these parts of late. And it may or may not be likely that a similar delay may ensue on the morrow for similar reasons; hence, dear and gentle readers, your indulgence and patience will be greatly appreciated.

So Frank Luntz has called for conservative prolefeeders to refer to free-market capitalism as "economic freedom" (or, as I like to phrase it in the Afrikaans, ekonomesie vryheid) "to make the concept [of capitalism] more acceptable to the masses." (Not to mention suggesting an interconnexion with Our National Character, Identity and Unity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations as of Divine Right and Endowment.) How exactly, by embracing North Korean propaganda tactics founded on its hybrid of sociopolitical ideology and civil religion Pyongyang calls Juche?

Staying with the delusion of ekonomesie vryheid as a Tool and Agent of National Unity and Identity, expect its prolefeed troubadors, minstrels and Meistersingers to push the notion that current mergers (howbeit pending) such as those between Comcast and Time Warner Cable and the shock announcement of AT&T's designs to buy satellite-TV provider DirecTV are just "part of the natural evolutionary processes" essential to the continued viability of said ekonomesie vryheid, as in ensuring a Natural Selection, Survival of the Fittest, the Strongest, the Fleetest, the Best Adapted to Prevailing Conditions and Circumstances--which, for all I know, will actually translate into a perversion condoning crony capitalism with cartel behaviour reinforcing.

This one goes out to our "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" friends (or what passeth for them): In the wake of indictments for Cyberespionage against five People's Liberation Army officers stationed at a hyper-secretive base therefor in Shanghai as knowingly targeted American industrial, government and military cyberspace networks from without for the profit of the so-called "People's Republic of China," expect such sorry specimens of disloyalty to take China's side of Plausible Deniability therefor, insisting that the charges against the five are "lies" and "lack credible evidence" when such actually exists.

Expect the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan" in his "Good Christian" mode to start calling for boycotts of Burger King in response to its new slogan of "Have It Be Your Way", which they insist is not a true reflection of "REAL AmeriKKKa" because it does not reflect Traditional, Biblically-Driven Values of Race Honour, Xenophobic Nativism, Male Chauvinism and Sovereignty Within Our Own Sphere--in particular such which, for all I know, echoes the core principles of Christelik Nasionale Onderwys, apartheid South Africa's official "values-driven" educational syllabus, as quoth Brian P. Bunting's The Rise of the South African Reich, vintage 1969
ARTICLE (1): Basis

All white children should be educated according to the view of life of their parents. This means that Afrikaans-speaking children should have a Christian-Nationalist education, for the Christian and Nationalist spirit of the Afrikaner nation must be preserved and developed.

By Christian, in this context, we mean according to the creeds of the three Afrikaner churches; by Nationalist we mean imbued with the love of one's own, especially one's own language, history, and culture.

Nationalism must be rooted in Christianity.

ARTICLE (2): Christian Education

The key subject in school should be religion (the study of the Bible and the three Afrikaner creeds); and the religious spirit should permeate all subjects and the entire school.

ARTICLE (3): Nationalist Education

Teaching should also be nationalist, the child to become an heir to and worthy carrier of the national culture.


ARTICLE (8): Control of Education

(i) No Mixed Schools. There should be at least two kinds of primary and secondary schools; one for the children of Afrikaans-speaking parents, with only Afrikaans as a medium, and the other for children of English-speaking parents, with only English as a medium. In each there should be the right relationship between home, school, Church, and State.


(iv) The Church. The Church must exercise the necessary discipline over the doctrine and lives of the teachers. The vigilance must be exercised through the parents. The Church must also stimulate all parents and give financial aid to needy ones to perform their educational task.

(v) The State. The State must ensure a proper scientific and moral standard in education, and therefore law and right in school life. It may not, however, determine the directing spirit of education providing that, as judged by God's law, it is not harmful to the State. Where the child's natural guardians, the parents, neglect their educational duties, the State, as paramount guardian, should step in and establish schools until such time as the parents desire to exercise their own rights.


(vii) Organization of Education.... Our ideal is the Christian Nationalist school; but for the time being we must be content to leaven the existing public schools.
You can just imagine the sort of "character witnesses" Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling would love to have in defending his case before the NBA's Board of Governors come June 3rd for Casting Disrepute Upon Professional Basketball and Disparaging National Minorities--as in:
  • Various and sundry "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" groups;
  • The John Birch Society;
  • The so-called "AmeriKKKan Centre for Law and Justice";
  • Stormfront.org;
  • VDARE.com;
  • The so-called "National Alliance"; and
  • Various and sundry fellow-travellers associated with the preceding, more than likely coming from the Dregs of Society.
In the spirit of numerous Nigerian scam e-mails claiming that one's long-delayed payments (conditional, know, on one's silence after "repeated and unauthorised outside contacts" and "not following instructions", or so claimed) will now be paid through debit cards, I'd like to hear about where life insurance companies and friendly societies will start paying the beneficiaries of their policies through debit cards as opposed to paper cheques or bank wire transfers, especially where smaller-value policies (i.e., $100,000 face value or less) come into play and/or the beneficiaries lack decent bank accounts or cannot have access thereto.

Hearing on the news about Italian researchers presenting a paper
suggesting where dogs can be trained to sniff out prostate cancer risk by way of urine odours brings the following picture to mind:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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