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00h40 UTC; THURSDAY, 10 APRIL 2014: In case you haven't heard by now, DirecTV and The Weather Channel are now smorking the calumet after several months' absence in a pay and content dispute, which means that DirecTV subscribers will have TWC again soon.

As part of the deal, TWC has pledged to increase the amount of weather-related programming in its schedule to pacify DirecTV, which will pay more in retransmission fees for its part.

So much for the "Human Barbie Doll," which Your Correspondent understands is now triggering revulsion in children as much as it's making the eugenicist camp rather proud of her.

Does Real America (as opposed to the conservative prolefeed simulation) really deserve any sort of "white cultural patrimony" as crosses into the unintentionally campy, particularly where prolefeed ends are desired by its adherents as one with "race honour and identity" which serves no useful purpose but to hide from their own shortcomings and failings?

New lows in "AmeriKKKan Cultural Identity": Your Correspondent understands where former orca trainers at the three SeaWorld parks are telling tales of doping the fish they feed the show orcas "under orders" with all manner of anti-psychotics and anti-ulcer medications for the sake of pacification and "giving the yokels from Podunk Center a good show" in stadia as have not been updated in some time ... and whose orca tanks have earned official displeasure from the proper channels, especially when it comes to aggravating the deaths of certain show orcas. Food for thought:

Something which may be worth asking the "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" rank-and-file to close out this post:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
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