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18h10 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 2 APRIL 2014: Something, reader, to seriously start thinking about whenever RepubliKKKan Congressionals claim to be speaking for and in behalf of "the AmeriKKkan People": Videlicet, that they're referring to the ranks of the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" in the form of poor whiteism made manifest.

All in a collective Luscious Glory condoning poverty, fecundity, ignorance and xenophobic jingoism most crude and base as being "patriotic" and "virtuous," in service to God and Country out of a desire to Hasten His Second Coming and the Final Achievement of His Heavenly Zion on Earth, to be achieved through wasteful and counterproductive tactics officially excused as "Wise Use."

Which brings up an Unlikely Prospect as just stumbled unto my mind: That of whether certain misguided "patriot" types failing to cooperate with local recycling programmes by contending such are "incompatible with Wise Use" as condones waste will try playing the "sovereign citizen" canard to avoid serious charges.

Continuing on something touched on in brief yesterday, via the Facebook page of CBC Radio's As It Happens programme, where Your Correspondent first heard about this particular story:

Meanwhile, "bad taste" takes on a whole new meaning when Italy's largest farmers' organisation, Coldiretti, begins calling out foreign food and drink companies for profiting from La Cosa Nostra without due regard for the victims of their violence, terror and extortion and their families. Nick Squires with the British daily The Telegraph thus elaborates further:
From “Chilli Mafia” peanuts to “Don Corleone” after-dinner liqueurs, Italy has declared war on a plethora of food and drink products which glamorise or trivialise its deadly organised crime groups.

Preparing a plate of “Al Capone pasta” mixed with “Wicked Cosa Nostra" tomato sauce may seem amusing enough to foreigners, but they leave a bad taste in the mouth of many Italians, according to the country’s largest agricultural organisation.

Coldiretti, which represents agricultural producers, has called on foreign governments and the European Union to stamp out what it called a “market of horrors", encompassing pasta, pizzas and other Italian-type foods which are sold under a mafia theme.

They range from a pasta called simply “Mafia” to cafes in Bulgaria named “Maffiozo” and a book of recipes called “The Mafia Cookbook".

The products were sold in countries around the world, from Britain to the United States, Spain and Taiwan.

There is a range of spicy dips and spices from a German company with the rather long-winded name of “Palermo Mafia Shooting", while “Chilli Mafia Naga Nuts” are advertised as “a seriously hot kick anytime of the day.”

Using the mafia as a marketing gimmick gave a negative impression of Italy on the international stage, said Roberto Moncalvo, the president of Coldiretti.

Mafia-themed food products were “an unacceptable insult” to a country where mafia killings continue to take place on a regular basis.

"Our research has uncovered a real market of horrors which is making money out of one of the most painful scourges of our society,” Mr Moncalvo said.

"These sorts of unacceptable commercial practises damage the image of Italy abroad, but above all have a profound impact on the many Italians who have been, and who unfortunately continue to be, victims of organised crime.”

Last month Italian politicians protested at a chain of restaurants in Spain called “La Mafia", which offer a dining experience inspired by the mob, with pizza and pasta served beneath posters showing scenes from
The Godfather.

Giuseppe Lumia, a senator from the centre-Left Democratic Party and a member of the parliamentary anti-mafia commission, said: “To use the word mafia in a commercial brand is squalid and unacceptable. It’s an offence to all those people who have given their lives in the defence of legality and justice.”

Coldiretti said mafia groups such as the Camorra in Naples, Cosa Nostra in Sicily and the ’Ndrangheta in Calabria were increasingly investing in farming, food production and restaurants.

With youth unemployment at around 42 per cent, Coldiretti said that a survey it had conducted showed that six out of 10 Italians would be prepared to work in a business that was financed with mafia money.

Economic hardship meant they had few scruples about accepting a wage from a firm owned or controlled by mobsters
Meanwhile, where exactly does the Natural Law hold that only white, heterosexual, Bible-Believing Christians have a "natural right" to control and dominate business, industry and finance, so long as such was conducted "according to Christian principles," not otherwise identified or clearly specified?

Finally, something that those opposed to gaming as a Moral Danger for the Lower Classes may want to consider as a counter in especially lower-income or economically-depraved areas where they don't want lottery tickets sold "to protect the poor from themselves": Calling for the establishment of a state-sponsored savings bank on the model of the former Province of Ontario Savings Office (POSO) up Canada way (now Desjardins Credit Union of Ontario) to "promote thrift and personal responsibility" through rather spartan-looking offices as offer only what amounts to a passbook savings account.


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