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17h35 UTC; THURSDAY, 24 APRIL 2014: You may or may not have heard by now about an emergency fundraising e-mail being sent out by the so-called "AmeriKKKan Family Association" claiming that "Bible-Believing Christians" are subtly being prevented from employment in seven specific professions because gay marriage and the acceptance of homosexuality "in variance with Traditional Biblical Values and Beliefs."

The which, more than anything, prompts Your Correspondent to take what he deems the best possible response thereto: Essentially "Engrishfying" (via Google Translate) said e-mail (which Your Correspondent saw at RightWingWatch.org) in the interest of exploding this latest misguided misadventure in "Christian Persecution" prolefeed as lacks credible evidence beyond the anecdotal or otherwise distorted out of context.

Without further ado (and remember, the courts have recognised satire as Protected Free Speech):
Christians career of 7 common, must not grip the United States no longer

April 23, 2014

We want to be able to run their own business according to the dictates of conscience and faith of them, many Christians, they choose a career in self-employed.

As exploring the opportunity to reject for homosexuals to support the lifestyle of gay actively, to ruin the career of every individual Christian, and business, the list is shrinking rapidly.

Do not be fooled. This is an intensive effort to exile and its owner company based on faith, to embarrass. Recent examples of some, is as follows here.

  • Was fined $ 6,700 for the decline of Christian photographer in New Mexico is to take a polite Lesbian Commitment Ceremony-photo. The Supreme Court, this is fine, and allowed to stand.
  • Baker - Oregon Christian Baker is facing, criminal penalties and civil, including jail time for the reduction in order to bake a cake for the wedding of gay carefully. I closed her business.
  • Florist - Florist Christian Baronelle Stutzman, in Washington, has sued the state attorneys general for the reduction in order to prepare the device for the wedding of gay carefully.
  • Broadcasting - Craig James had candidates in the U.S. Senate, he was fired by Fox Sports Southwest after a day only to work for expressing his support for the marriage of nature.
  • Counseling - Jennifer Keaton, was dismissed from the counseling program of Augusta State University religious book of her life style of gay.
  • Innkeeping - The Vermont Wildflower Inn, followed by a decrease to host the ritual of lesbian carefully fine and $30,000, was forced to shut down the wedding reception business.
  • Was expelled from the curriculum at Roosevelt University for expressing her belief that homosexuals are not born homosexual class Gillian John Charles's - guidance.

  • What you can do about it ...

    Since we are improving the way of communication, when the Christian brothers and sisters of us, was attacked from invasion of homosexuality, to get the latest information immediately, AFA is, engaging the culture effectively it is possible to coupling.
    (Recall, readers, that the Nazis had their Nuremburg Laws as essentially banned Jews from any sort of gainful livelihood. And the policies of apartheid South Africa gave hiring preference to those of "Afrikaner" derivation as redress for years of "persecution" under British rule and dominion over South Africa, especially so in the civil service.)

    Which, in any case, should be enough to approach such claims of "Christian Persecution!" as prolefeed weapon with clear and present skepticism. Especially so on the part of human rights watchdogs such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, who are quite adept at spotting "red flags" in stories of this sort so as to challenge their credibility and sincerity

    Meanwhile, watch out for rather insincere scaremongering prolefeed coming from such forces of Zealotry and True Belief insisting that ons styl ekonomesie vryheid is one with AmeriKKKan National Unity and Identity about newly-announced Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policies on the sale and marketing of electronic cigarettes, with particular respect to:
    • online sale and marketing;
    • television and radio advertising;
    • marketing targeting minors and the impressionable; and
    • potentially exaggerated health claims.
    And expect such prolefeed to push the "defence of ekonomesie vryheid" meme all the more blatantly.

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