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17h50 UTC; TUESDAY, 8 APRIL 2014: First off, Your Correspondent couldn't believe how at least TWO touristic outlets in the Lake of the Ozarks region down Missouri way responded to one of these recent posts as mentioned the Magic Dragon's Lair in its title. To wit:

(I should acknowledge that the second one was essentially a retweet of the initial message.)

Meanwhile, news that so-called "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKans" would certainly identify with: In the wake of Russian-led goon squads attacking three government buildings in as many cities in eastern Ukraine yesterday in the hopes of provoking insurrection which Russian troops could theoretically exploit, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavorov called on the Ukrainian President to amend the Ukrainian Constitution so as to allow such areas with Ethnic Russian-majority populations the right to petition for "self-determination" within the Russian Federation through "popular sovereignty" (as in ballot plebiscites similar to that wich saw Russia "annex" Crimea by dubious means).

And speaking of dubious electoral tactics
such as "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" types want to deploy in the name of "reclaiming democracy" according to their interpretation of the Constitution (otherwise known as the Articles of Confederation), there has resurfaced a Religiopolitical Right strategem known as "the 15% Solution" aimed at constraining electoral franchise to the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" (as in poor, undereducated, easily-manipulate, white, "Bible-Believing" Christians); as exposed here at TruthOut.org, the tactic's basic mechanics are as follows:
In a Presidential election, when more voters turn out than [in] any other election you normally see, only 15% of eligible voters can determine the outcomes of that election (if things are done right) . . . . Of all adults 18 and over, eligible to vote, only about 60 or 65% are actually registered to vote. It might even be less than that, and it is less than that in many states. . . .


Of those registered to vote, in a good turnout only 50% actually vote. [Thus,] only 30% of those eligible actually vote. . . . 15% of adults eligible to vote determine the outcome in a high turnout election. That happens once every four years. . . . In low turnout elections, city council, state legislature, county commissions, the percentage who (sic) determines who wins can be as low as 6 or 7%. We don't have to worry about convincing a majority of Americans to agree with us.
And their preferred tactics? Pandering to fear, emotion and xenophobic jingoism which invokes all manner of patriotic symbols and emotions, not to mention fear and paranoia about the "New World Order" "usurping Our National and Sovereign Identity suddenly and without warning" through trick and deception.

Paul Weyrich, a Christian Right majordomo of the early 1980's, encapsulated the tactic thus: "We don't want everyone to vote. Quite frankly, our leverage goes up as the voting population goes down." Hence, using Any Means Necessary, open and secret, towards the Luscious Glory of Calling from Abeyance the Mantle of God's Own Country as apartheid South Africa was forced to abandon when it abandoned apartheid, hastening the Final Achievement and Perfection of God's Heavenly Zion on Earth.

Meanwhile, for such still insisting that "AmeriKKKa Needs to Be More Like China" to hasten the Luscious Glory of a New and Glorious Dawn of Prosperity for All, may I call your attention to this BBC China Blog post by BBC China correspondent John Sudworth as makes note of what Chinese Premier Xi Jinpeng's anti-corruption drives may be costing China, politically as much as socioeconomically--this based on an estimate by Bank of America Merrill Lynch as came out last week that said campaigns could cost China's economy as much as US$100 billion in the current year alone.

And as Mr. Sudworth notes, the measures are seen as having a macroeconomic effect:
Since early last year, [the report] says, government bank deposits have been soaring, up almost 30% year on year.

Even honest officials, the report suggests, are now so terrified of starting new projects, for fear of being seen as corrupt, that they're simply keeping public funds in the bank.

The total cost to the economy of the prohibition on government consumption and the chill on administrative spending is an estimated reduction in growth of at least 0.6% this year.

But it could, the report argues, be as high as 1.5% which, by my rough calculation, gives us the figure of about $135bn of lost economic activity.

The report's authors admit their calculations are a "back-of-the-envelope estimate of fiscal contraction", but even if they are only half right it is an extraordinary amount of money and it highlights some of the challenges facing China's anti-corruption crusader-in-chief, President Xi Jinping.

Since taking office more than a year ago he has made the cause his defining goal, warning that official graft and extravagance threaten the very survival of the ruling Communist Party.

Earlier this week, an unconfirmed news report gave a tantalising glimpse of the seriousness of the project, claiming that the Chinese authorities had seized from the family and cronies of just one individual (Zhou Yongkang, the former powerful politburo member) assets worth more than $14bn.

Taking down such formidable power structures carries very big risks of course.

This week another news report suggests that the former President Jiang Zemin has sent a message to the current leadership, telling them not to let the anti-corruption drive get out of hand.

Evan Osnos in
The New Yorker quotes former party elder Chen Yun: "Fight corruption too little and destroy the country; fight it too much and destroy the Party."

The BofAML report gives a clear sense of just how entwined corruption has become with Chinese economic growth.

It is not often that you find corporate bankers discussing the macroeconomic importance of prostitution, but they do so to make a point.

This year, the report points out, the anti-corruption campaign has been stepped up a gear and has targeted the sex trade in dozens of cities.

This has had an adverse impact on some businesses in the service industries, it says.

So perhaps today, Chen Yun would add a third observation to his musings about the difficult balance to be struck when tackling corruption - never mind the Party, fighting graft too hard just might destroy China's economy too.
And you thought Rep. Paul Ryan's latest :"Austerity Towards Prosperity" budget proposal was already a "blessing in disguise" to quasi-Reddingsdaad concepts of socioeconomic rescue and empowerment of the Lower Classes....

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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