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19h30 UTC; MONDAY, 12 MAY 2014: So what exactly is wrong with the following, as is your 2014 Eurovision Song Contest winner from the weekend?

(This in spite of protests from especially the Russo-Slavic countries, under the unbearingly unhealthy influence of the local Orthodox Churches, as thought that Conchita Wurst's being a transvestite posed Moral Harm and Danger to Children and Other Impressionable Persons, as if television broadcasting waves somehow carried a pox triggering Moral Lapse in viewers.)

The way certain ultra-conservative types
(especially White Christian Nationalists whose ideology is encapsulated in the acronym ORION, as in "Our Race Is Our Nation") reacted (and positively) to the rather puerile and over-the-top comments by North Korea's official KCNA news agency targeting President Obama, such ought be enough for especially the FBI to start enquiries into whether such may be showing sympathies or tendencies of support towards the Pyongyang regime, to "Supreem Commander" Kim Jong Un (let alone the equally-so-called "Eternal Leader" Kim Il Sung and "Eternal First Secretary" Kim Jong Il) and/or North Korea's Juche Idea (as its core ideology and civil religion are known).

Let alone the possibility of subtle similarities between Juche and the "Tea Party" such, especially its rather blatant racism, hyperfanatical militarism and socioeconomic nationalism, the latter being viewed in AmeriKKKan contexts as ons styl ekonomesie vryheid (itself patterned on Juche's "our-stylee socialism" concept).

Your Correspondent would like to recommend to more responsible media conduits that, in contrast with Fox News Channel's designs on milking the latest Benghazi Committee Hearings for all its worth (and in a Luscious Glory of ultimately challenging public trust and confidence in President Obama for reasons which will likely come back to the racist and White Christian Nationalist such), they would do well to minimise attention therefor and not go overboard in a manner calling to mind the wall-to-wall excesses of the O. J. Simpson Murder Trial in 1995 as would eventually put off many TV viewers (and prompting some stations, as the trial wound down, to limit coverage to a short summary of the day's proceedings before the late local news bulletin).

Likewise with bloggers whose forte is news and news commentary; IMHO, perhaps it would be best if they just paid no attention therefor, knowing where the RepubliKKKans have acknowledged where the whole exercise is structured for fundraising purposes relative to Indecision 2014 and, in a way, Indecision 2016.

Too, can you just imagine where the aphonic sort of Fox News viewer will somehow go into full-on ROFLTAO mode in so watching, as if suggesting where the whole was actually a fraud and hoax? (In fact, there do exist studies suggesting that aphonics, who are otherwise incapable of normal speech, may use laughter as a way of smelling out the fraudulent and the dodgy.)

And speaking of RepubliKKKan campaign endeavours, consider the possibility of the crudest and basest appeals to True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command meeting certain types of Nigerian scam letter (as in the sort whose Subject line in e-mail versions thereof will have something like "A Mother's Desperate Plea," "Cry for Help" or "Please Assist Me and My Family"), the better to pander to the most basic emotions in and among the Moronic Underworld thus targeted.

For those of you men who still insist on wet shaving, and want value for money to prevail all the more, consider these worthwhile options from the good people at (as in Chicago's Merz Apothecary, with whom this blog has an affiliate relationship:

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(Remember, reader, the selection is up to you; hence, choose wisely relative to what you need and want. Especially so the former.. And know that clicking on the link of your choice opens a new browser window, which will allow you to look it over, purchase if you like it--and, ultimately, return to this very blog.)

No wonder "Christian" conservative prolefeeders can't stand Pope Francis' latest papal pronouncement on the issue of socioeconomic disparity, and insisting that the Holy Father must really be some class of Closet Communist to so advance: Is their ideal of "Christian socioeconomic policy" actually closer to that which Afrikaner nationalists down South Africa way were pushing in the late 1930's under banner of the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweging and through the likes of the Reddingsdaadbond movement, whose motto was the AEB's encapsulation--'n Volk red homself ("a people rescuing itself")?

In closing today, perhaps a subtle message to would-be conservative and neo-Fascist/Nazi comment trolls and others questioning my approach and ideology in the form and fashion of this blog:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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