President Obama has been exaggerated by the various attempts to overthrow
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18h26 UTC; FRIDAY, 16 MAY 2014:
In case you haven't seen the bullfest otherwise known as the Idaho GOP Gubenetorial Candidates Debate (which, know, hath gone viral--especially with two fringe candidates attracting attention at same), here's some Edited Highlights (thanks to YouTube, know):

But when you start to realise that extremist agendae are coming into play throughout, such turns out no longer being funny--in fact, it could be revealing of just how dangerous the GOP agenda, with the taint of "Tea Party" and suchlike unwholesome influences, could be in the several elections making up Indecision 2014, right down to dog catcher.

And so much for all the Christian Right's insincere prolefeed about "Christian Persecution!!" stateside, much of which may actually be from Al Cohol's influence IMHO: A Muslim court in Khartoum, Sudan has sentenced a woman who's great with child to death by stoning--wait for it--for being Christian. Which, as can be expected, is attracting international diplomatic umbarge and protest.

Meanwhile, the claims about stateside "Christian Persecution" under direction of President Obama's "henchmen" should be dismissed as insincere and without substance. And perhaps worthy of deflation from and suchlike.

News that the self-annointed Kulturkriegsmensch from the Right are sure to be all over big time: A consilium of animal-rights groups, led by the so-called "People for the 'Ethical' Treatment of Animals" (PETA), has agreed to pay some $14 million in damages to Feld Entertainment, owners of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, to settle Feld's claims of Malicious Prosecution vis-a-vis charges that The Greatest Show on Earth deliberately and willfully mistreated its animals, elephants in particular, without substantiation of any kind whatsoever.

Isn't it ironic that the same ones calling for energy self-sufficiency in Jucheist stylee are also dyed-in-the-wool supporters of the Keystone XL tar-sands and bitumen pipeline, unaware that KXL's eventual byproducts of petroleum distillates will more than likely be exported to China with no real socioeconomic benefit unto Thy Dear and Lovely Land?

And Another Thing: Given recent policy changes allowing increased exports of AmeriKKKan-refined petroleum distillates, has anybody considered where AmeriKKka will likely be left with overpriced, second-rate gasoline and diesel fuels? Which should be enow for the Real Americans amongst us to start pushing all the more for renewable fuels, especially so distillates from Jerusalem artichokes.

Or what stands in the way, Die Broers Koch and their drooling and smecking desire for profit at all cost (and invoking His Name and Majesty as required)?

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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