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17h30 UTC; SATURDAY, 12 APRIL 2014: Something woth looking for when it comes to three pending libel/defamation cases against conservative prolefeeders or prolefeed conduits, two of which directly relate to the Unfortunate Events at last year's Boston Marathon and the third involving climate-change science: The possible parallels to the criminal trial against the Hollywood scandal magazine Confidential ("Tells the Facts and Names the Names," or so its slogan went) in the late summer of 1957 in the wake of several libel suits and the unease it was causing the major Hollywood film studios with several of their contracted stars being targets of less-than-credible stories therein contained, with at least two suicides ensuing.

In any event, Confidential was essentially shunned by Hollywood thanks to the verdict against it and essentially forced to tone down its content, causing its monthly circulation to fall from some 4.5 million (mostly among the Lower Classes) to only 160,000 virtually overnight. Its coup de grace, as it were, came New Year's Day 1958, when Howard Rushmore, its disgraced editor/publisher, took out a German Luger pistol from a coat pocket and shot himself in the head just after boarding a New York taxicab, dying almost immediately.

Your Correspondent doesn't want to speculate on whether there could be suicides (let alone general disgrace) ensuing among conservative prolefeeders and the prolefeed channels they work for; nonetheless, such trials (if any) will want to be worth watching for any unfavourable action against the targeted. In the meantime, a Point to Ponder thus directed:

With at least two Christian Right sects pushing the trope this past week that, because of the Supreme Court's refusing to hear an appeal over a wedding cake request for a same-gender couple, "AmeriKKKa is now on the same level as North Korea" vis-a-vis the so-called "Bible-Believing Christian" community (composed for the most part of "poor whites" otherwise lacking anything serious to do), Your Correspondent can only imagine a major rash of nightmares among the element about Christian Persecution Galore rivalling the worst excesses of Nazi Germany against what the regime called "life unworthy of life"--not just Jews, but also the disabled, the "mentally defective," the homosexuals, trade-union sympathisers, those with genetic disorders and even Jehovah's Witnesses--suitable only for extermination. And if not by cyanide gas, then by firing squads, overwork, fear, disease, malnutrition or "medical experiments" whose value was at best dubious and at worst sadisto.

Which, it turns out, tends to the highly irrational, paranoid even. Not to mention covering for the inadequacies among those Zealots and True Believers in the prospect of Christian Persecution in Thy Dear and Lovely Land as may conceal abusive or dysfunctional upbringings translating into alcoholism, drug dependency, gambling, sex mania, whatever, ultimately culminating in potentially insincere "visions" about finding God such may wind up having to regret in the end. (Such are among the Amazing Revelations involving the late Rev. Fred "Westboro Baptist Church" Phelps via his disinherited son Nathan, by way of Britain's Daily Mail shortly after the former's decease; too, Rev. Phelps claimed that death was one with failure, weakness and error vis-a-vis God, that the True and Good Christians could live eternally.)

The way Trail Life USA, the "Bible-Believing Christian" answer to Scouting after the Boy Scouts of America began allowing the overtly homosexual into ranks of membership, seems to be acting, Your Correspondent has to wonder if such is more like a hybrid of the Hitler Jugend (and its Afrikaner "keepers of the flame" down South Africa way, Die Voortrekkers) and the "Get Rid Of Slimy girlS" (G.R.O.S.S.) "club" in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip some years back. Especially considering where it's emerged that its agenda is also one of anti-Semitism inasmuch as they don't exactly want Jews in membership or leadership ranks.

The explanation Trail Life hath therefor (ultimately throuigh their website):
Trail Life USA is a Trinitarian Christian organization with a Statement of Faith that includes those denominations that specifically recognize Jesus Christ as the prophesized Messiah of the Jewish scriptures. There are some groups like "Jews for Jesus" that recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah, but continue to hold to Jewish traditions and customs regarding feasts, etc. A Messianic Jew could indeed be a leader. However, a person of the Jewish faith would not be able to sign our Statement of Faith. Thus, according to our membership standards, Jewish churches and organizations would be precluded from chartering Trail Life USA troops. And those of the Jewish faith would indeed be precluded as adult leaders based on their beliefs. However, a Jewish youth could join. And a Jewish parent could be present at troop functions and even on certain camping trips, but not as a recognized or registered leader that would be providing direct leadership to the youth. And the Jewish denomination would not be recognized as a participating Christian denomination in Trail Life USA. This is the same standard currently in effect at the American Heritage Girls, which is our sister youth organization. Trail Life USA is not for everyone. For Troops that want to transfer intact with non-Christian leadership, Trail Life USA will not be an appropriate option.
(Cf. the Voortrekkers movement, which insists that its followers be not just of Afrikaner ethno-racial identity and heritage, as well as regarding Afrikaans their Mother-Tongue, but also believe in a Triune God according to the Calvinist/Dutch Reformed tradition.)

Finally,if the following doesn't quite reflect the mindset and mentality of Your Correspondent vis-a-vis this blog experience--then what doth?

"What will happen NEXT?!"
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