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18h05 UTC; THURSDAY, 3 APRIL 2014: So much for the ideal certain Christian Right Zealots and True Believers have of a Christelik Ekononesie Vryheid expected to empower the "Bible-Believing Christian" socioeconomically (cf. the Afrikaner Economic Movement's agenda down South Africa way in the runup to apartheid's onset), especially considering its want of clear defining characteristics beyond essentially embracing established models of free-enterprise ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and adapting such to "conform to Biblical values and principles": Your Correspondent understands that the "Christian" Hobby Lobby, which seeks to be released from Federal mandates requiring contraceptives and birth control to be covered by employee health cover because of "deeply- and dearly-held beliefs" through the Supreme Court, buys the lion's share of its merchandise from China, which, as everybody knows, mandates one child per married couple and forces women pregnant with any further progeny to undergo abortions and sterilisation as State policy.

And as if that weren't awful enow, it's emerged that Hobby Lobby's pension funds are investing in companies as manufacture contraceptives and birth-control aids; this being made clear in its pension-fund filings with the Department of Labour.

So what is the reaction of Hobby Lobby to these developments? Or what otherwise stands in the way of Real America asking Hobby Lobby to Please Explain such doublethink on their part, and ask for recusal?

Meanwhile, for such specimens of conservatism who insist that converting certain non-essential (or so they think) programmes into "block grants" to the several States in the name of "rewarding and encouraging innovation***consistent with prevailing experience and conditions," thereby "increasing taxpayer value" in the process, may I suggest reading some examples of why "block granting" doesn't exactly work, in its turn raising questions of possible mkismanagement, corruption and fraud by states thus collecting.

For such who invoke His Name to complain of "Demonic Possession!!" vis-a-vis the epicene, the dsabled, the mentally ill and the "habitually government-dependent," among other specimens thus deemed Life Unworthy of Life, have you considered that you yourselves may actually be the ones as are "demonically possessed" all this time, making blood pacts with His Satanic Majesty, Baal and Moloch as may be under Al Cohol's Nefarious and Pernicious Influence?

For such who wonder if those dollar sandwich specials at your local convenience store are probably made of less-than-wholesome ingredients, consider this: Nathan's Famous, the legendary Coney Island hot dog stand as opened in 1916, was hit early on with a nasty rumour about their five-cent hot dogs (which had quickly become popular among visitors because of the value for money) being reputedly made with less-than-wholesome ingredients, with sales falling off noticeably. Prompting Nathan Handwerker "himself" to offer free hot dogs to the nurses and medical staff at nearby Coney Island Hospital, so long as they were wearing their professional dress, to prove to one and all that Nathan's Famous franks were wholesome and nourishing. The campaign seems to have worked, prompting as a Nathan's slogan "Where The Doctors Eat"--and business recovered.

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