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18h06 UTC; THURSDAY, 10 APRIL 2014: Hast thou encountered a scenario similar to the following?

Meanwhile, Your Correspondent thinks The Ultimate Warrior, one of the big names in so-called "professional wrestling" (as in the WWE stable) during the 1990's, is undeserving of the tears or mourning of we Real Americans following his shock death Tuesday morning from undisclosed causes at 54 years of age: After all, "professional wrestling" is essentially a joke. Farce. Sham. Fraud, perhaps. And who amongst us didn't think as much in watching the many regionalised "professional wrestling" matches on TV from the 1960's until the mid-1980's with names like All-Star Wrestling, Mid-South Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling and Southwest Championship Wrestling? (Meanwhile, an interesting page at TulsaTVMemories.com about so-called "professional wrestling" when it was still a largely regionalised affair; incidentally, the star-crossed DuMont network, in its decline through the mid-1950's, survived on "professional wrestling" in the Gorgeous George era to stay viable--and its last programme as a network on April 30, 1955 was--you guessed it.)

Which had Your Correspondent wondering if there weren't at least one or two aphonics out there in the regional "professional wrestling" days--and still today in the WWE--as didn't use their unconscious gift of spontaneous hilarity against said match telecasts, as if hilarity wasn't their way of saying that the "matches" were all a farce and sham.

Memo to Die Broers Koch when it comes to using your "AmeriKKKans for Prosperity"
for to turn public opinion among the Unwashed and Undereducated Masses against the Obamacare reforms in terms of health care cover: You've been found out that you're receiving health-cover subsidies you may not actually be entitled to because of your wealth ... and what's worse, your various prolefeed claims about the harm of Obamacare reforms to the economy have been discredited big-big time.

And trying to use the courts to ask for "self-criticisms" in the Chinese Communist stylee targeting those involved in exposing these very stories may be your own unravelling.

Which brings us to this story out of North Korea as could be of interest to especially "law-and-order" Zealots and True Believers in the "Tea Party" and suchlike elements: Britain's Telegraph hath it that the North Koreans have announced the execution "by flame thrower" (which, come to think of it, is taking it rather sadisto and barbaric in the extreem) of former Public Security Ministry official O Sang Hon for following the orders of the disgraced Jang Song Thaek, himself executed back in December for plotting insurrection against the regime of "Supreem Commander" Kim Jong Un. (Depending on who you listened to, Jang was either executed by firing squad or fed to a pack of deliberately-starved dogs for the sadisto amusement of Kim Jong Un and other high-level officials of the Jucheist regime.)

As if that weren't enough, reports in certain South Korean circles as monitor North Korea suggest that no less than 11 high-level officials have either been executed or sent to prison camps for known associations with Jang, heretofore held as a mentor to Kim Jong Un in his succeeding his late father, now-"Eternal First Secretary" Kim Jong Il, following the latter's death in December 2012.

One unlikely right-wing "conspiracy theory"-cum-prolefeed distractive we can do without: As in the suggestion, reinforced by the discredited-as-pseudoscientific "Soy Is Feminising" trope, that the United States Government is deliberately (and secretly) stockpiling sides of dressed beef in super-secret deep-freeze warehouses to further worsen high meat prices already made so by drought, feed shortages and ranchers selling off whole herds to make ends meet (and remember, such an element rejects the notion of man-made climate change as "pseudoscience" and claims that it may be Divine Wrath and Judgment for Condoning Homosexuality and Otherwise Rejecting His Divine Will).

So what would otherwise preclude the United States, as an emergency measure, allowing in refrigerated beef imports from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the European Union or even Australia to cover the shortfall (let alone appease such who insist that cheap meat is essential to as much Traditional AmeriKKKan Masculine-Centrist Values as much as Our National and Sovereign Identity) until breeding stocks recover from current levels?

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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