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16h55 UTC; SUNDAY, 4 MAY 2014:
So what exactly IS there to discuss today, reader, on an otherwise slow day for decent blogging fodder beyond rehashing many of the same crossing-into-the-hackneyed themes that Your Correspondent keeps wasting time with (or some certain of you readers may be thinking on reading this) on an almost-constant basis, as if thinking he was some class of Prophet Without Honour?

(Except to say, though, that he will have his six-month physical tomorrow afterlunch, the first since his longtime doctor retired back in March; hence, a Nurse Practicioner will be responsible for same. Some blood samples as were essential to same were drawn yesterday morning.)

But then again, something worth trying if you have tension or migraine headaches as seem to be beyond more conventional forms of treatment like tablets or powders: Using blue mineral gel to relieve same, applying such on the temples and forehead as required (taking care, of course, to avoid the eyes in application thereof). Such has actually worked for moi on a few occasions in past, and if it's worked for you, leave word in the Facebook comment facility (so long as you have Facebook, reader) ... and do tell your friends likewise.

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