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17h UTC; THURSDAY, 1 MAY 2014:
As for the specific reasons that House Reprehensible Paul Ryan (GOP/WI) isn't giving for not allowing actual specimens of the "givernment-dependent" to give testimony at his summit on urban poverty, Enquiring Minds among the Real Americans would like to know. Which has Your Correspondent wondering just what exact models of mutual self-help as would help save the "chronically and habitually government-dependent from themselves" and empower themselves according to the disciplines of the very strain of ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl they see as one with AmeriKKKan National Unity and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations would be satisfactory to the True Believers in the ideal from especially the "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" movements most hard-wired in this delusion.

Meanwhile, supporters of the notorious Keystone XL pipeline may have an unlikely ally therefor, what with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) being used as a possible "trump card" to push all the more for same:

As Snagglepuss would say, "But is it kosher, halal even?!"

As the situation involving Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy only starts getting even more dreadful, what with reports of infighting emerging between rival factions about wild rumours of a drone attack being immiment or otherwise within measurable distance, perhaps it was time to start resorting to psychological measures (or, in Newspeak, "PsyOps")--as in playing radio episodes of The Lone Ranger almost constantly (and at maximum volume to the extent feasable) in the hopes of expediting surrender to John Law. Interspersed on occasion with a rather strident rendition of its legendary theme, as in the third movement of Rossini's William Tell Overture.

Meanwhile, Faithful America has launched an online petition
(for which your virtual John Hancock would be appreciated) taking issue with Sarah Palin's rather tactless, puerile and blasphemous conflation of torture via waterboarding (especially where intelligence or evidence is being procured by these means) with the Sacrament of Baptism. In the words thereof, which are directed to the Fourth through Sixth Estates, inclusive:
For Christians, torture is not a joke or a political punchline, but a ghastly reminder of the suffering of Jesus upon the cross. By equating it with Holy Baptism -- the act by which we are united with Christ in His death and resurrection -- Sarah Palin is blasphemously twisting our faith into a weapon of hatred and violence. No media outlet should cover her remarks without reporting on how sincere Christians of all theological and political persuasions are appalled.
No wonder certain scions of American conservative Christianity are as appalled and as upset as they are with Ms, Palin's puerile conflation, and well they should be. Two particularly excellent ur-theological challenges thereof I have come across include these from The Gospel Coalition's Joe Carter:
Gov. Palin was attempting to appeal to the basest political populism (nothing in her remarks could be construed as genuinely conservative) by claiming that current U.S. counterterrorism policy is overly-tolerant and empathetic toward our enemies. She contends that proper policies would "put the fear of God into our enemies."

Unfortunately, what Palin is proposing is a mixture of pagan ethics and civil deistic religion.
And these from Andrew Sullivan:
What can one say but that this is a bona fide fascistic sentiment. It revels in violence against individuals tied down by their hands and feet and strapped to a terrifying board in order to be suffocated hundreds of times to near-death. It is the kind of statement you might expect from the Khmer Rouge, or from the Chinese Communists who perfected “stress positions”, or from the Nazis, whose Gestapo pioneered “enhanced interrogation”, i.e. brutal torture that would leave no physical traces. Except it’s worse than that. Even totalitarian regimes have publicly denied their torture. Their reticence and lies are some small concession of vice to the appearance of virtue. Not Palin – who wants to celebrate brutal torture as the American way.

And then she manages to go one step further. She invokes torture in the context of a Christian sacrament. Not since the Nazis’ Deutsche Christen have we seen something so disgusting and blasphemous in the morphing of Christianity into its polar opposite. Mercifully, some Christians on the right have managed to say something.
(Too, let's not forget where apartheid South Africa sought to use the three Dutch Reformed Churches as agents of the apartheid regime to hold up apartheid as one with Christian Duty and Love.)

Finally, a reminder for those of you as want to do some online shopping for once (which, in its own way, will help reduce the American National Debt):

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