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16h45 UTC; TUESDAY, 22 APRIL 2014:
As today happens to be Earth Day 2014, there can be no doubt that certain misguided Zealots and True Believers in the very notion that ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl is one with AmeriKKKan National Unity and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations by Divine Right and Endowment will still insist (without credible evidence, the which is sure to demolish) that the very first Earth Day in 1970 was timed (and consciously) to coincide with the birth centenary of Lenin (nee Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov; 1870-1924), the "founding father" of the Former Soviet Union ideologically.

The which, methinks, is probably mere coincidence more so than deliberate conspiracy prolefeed fodder of the crudest sort.

Likewise with the notion those of this same ilk must have
that ekonomesie vryheid, &c., is incompatible ideologically with the Fairtrade concept, as encourages responsible sourcing which serves to help smaller family producers get better market prices for their productive output. Again, I have reason to believe that any evidence "proving" this notion is less than credible, and could border on "Hitler Diaries"-stylee forgeries in the final analysis.

Mein Innkeeper Friend, for one, would just love to see
Texas Governor Rick Perry get the RepubliKKKan Presidential nomination for Indecision 2016, notwithstanding reports of his facing Federal enquiries for corruption, abuse of powers and gross mismanagement; the better, from what I understand, so the Democrats can have plenty of fresh "Aunt Sally" material galore for whatever Presidential candidate they can field to replace the outgoing Barack Obama, who, per the 22nd Amendment of the very United States Constitution that "patriot" groups claim to defend (but really have clandestine loathing for), cannot seek a third term. And especially so where said "Aunt Sallies" can come on rather suddenly, in a "Gish Gallop" even, so as to thwart attempts by the Perry camp to challenge such claims long enough for the masses to believe them.

No, Virginia; business isn't willing to spontaneously create jobs on their own will and initiative, never mind conservative and especially "Tea Party" prolefeed implying otherwise. Such a delusional notion flies in the very face of the core disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., these Zealots and True Believers claim to be the guardians and defenders of; in fact, such is a gross distortion of the concept calling to mind the Juche Idea out of North Korea.


Finally, I suppose some of you are acquainted with that song from the musical Finian's Rainbow about "How are things in Glocca Mora?", perhaps one of the more memorable such out of Broadway musicals generally--which, methinks, would probably sound better than "How are things in Llanfairpwllgwyngyll?" (Which, as everybody knows, is but a short form of the extended name of that legendary Welsh village opposite the Menai Straits from Bangor known to everybody as Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch--or, in translation from the Welsh, "St. Mary's Church in a grove of white hazel trees near the fierce whirlpool close to St. Tysilio's Cave by the red grove."

(And is also the birthplace of the Womens' Institute movement in Great Britain, in case you didn't know this; such marks its centenary next year of the founding of the very first such in Llanfairpwllgwyngyll in 1915, which is still rather active.)

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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