"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."
--James Boswell, from his Life of Samuel Johnson icon

17h50 UTC; THURSDAY, 8 MAY 2014: If ever there was anything that the Real Americans needed to ponder all the more heading into Indecision 2014, it would probably have to be the message of the image as leads off today's post. The which deserves copying, printing out and posting to the extent necessary--even if it means risking police intervention for Unlawful Flyposting.

Especially when you stop and consider where Media Matters for America hath it that conservative politicos, and affiliated SuperPAC's, are using the whole sordid Benghazi mess for political fundraising ends as target especially the vulnerable, the less-sophisticated, and the closed-minded in their Luscious Glory of insisting that Thy Dear and Lovely AmeriKKKa needs to call from abeyance apartheid South Africa's title and mantle as God's Own Country in order to reclaim Her Antient and Peculiar Sovereignty as Bestowed Thereon by Divine Right and Endowment.

How so-called ons styl ekonomesie vryheid is supposed to work: Stanford University, citing the desires of students, faculty and alumni, has announced that it will divest from its endowment funds any and all investment in coal-mining companies within measurable distance, citing a desire to show support for renewable energies in the interest fo fighting climate change.

This as conservative prolefeed continues insisting that "green" energy goes against the Essential Principles and Disciplines of said ekonomesie vryheid in that such companies thus involved fail to show that such can be made viable enough to generate at least a 3%/annum dividend to shareholders (as if such really mattered to National and Sovereign Interest).

Dedicated to the True Believers in the "AmeriKKKa Needs to Be More Like China" model:
Chinese e-wholesaler Alibaba has filed papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of shares as is expected to raise some $650 million for facilitating further expansion of its online business-to-business portal which is largely designed to serve small businesses and importers.

(Come to think of it, has anybody considered using Alibaba as a way to help launch their very own business?)

The Christian Right's Best Friend and Drookie of the Hour, as in Russian President Vladimir Putin, somehow can't be trusted with his remarks before the Russian Duma about his having ordered Russian troops to pull away from the Russo-Ukrainian frontier area, especially with intelligence photos confirming this yet to be released (if that) ... let alone assurances that he is urging Russian nationalist leaders in Ukraine not to interfere with a national plebiscite scheduled for Sunday on the question of autonomy.

Something for Glenn Beck watchers to watch out for: His manufactured crying jags of pouting and weeping and wailing and boohoohooing For Thy Dear and Lovely Nation (or so he insists) actually being closer to drunken such tending to the maudlin, with occasional lapses unto the Filthy Songs of Our Fathers. On air, besides (especially with the songs crossing into the obscene and sexually-suggestive).

And perhaps insincere, for the most part.

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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