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19h59 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 21 MAY 2014: No doubt about it: There are certainly parents of a certain class who just can't wait for the summer break from school to commence in dead earnest within measurable distance--and for good reason: To find cheap and cheerful excuses by which they can ask the kids to please leave the house after breakfast, and not return until around the supper hour.

Especially so the sort distrusting of community summer recreational programmes out of fear that such are "homosexual promotion" at the expense of Impressionable Children, yet insisting that the kids absent the house for fear that such "are only taking up space" to the point of "risking nervous breakdowns" on the parental end (as may probably be a patsy for wanting to perouse child pornography on Teh Innwewebz and try not to attract Unwelcome Attention, hence dictating all manner of easy-to-memorise excuses in case security personnel, ride attendants, city bus drivers, lifeguards, whatever, start asking suspicious questions of the kids vis-a-vis want of parental accompaiment or supervision such as may prompt the welfare authorities to start asking questions).

That is, until a Loud and Chaotic Police Raid greets the kids heading home to supper upon their house--in that the parents were discovered perousing child pornography of the crudest and most perverto sort.

News for our "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" friends:
Citing Microsoft's unwillingness to continue supporting the WindowsXP operating system, Chinese IT authorities have directed government agencies and offices to not use the Windows 8 such on their government-issue PC's and tablets. Which is enough to wonder if they'll start using Linux, Ubuntu or some other "indigenous" OS with Orwellian thought-control properties.

When "cultural heritage and folkways" clashes with so-called "Traditional Values": A newly-released study suggests that married couples who both have high cholesterol levels may be at even greater difficulty to "do their racial and Christian duty" to "be fruitful and multiply"--especially so if the female partner has high cholesterol levels on her part, making it even more difficult to attract sperm.

Kudos goes out to CNN for making clear that it will not, under any circumstance, kowtow to the demands of Congressional RepubliKKKans demanding comprehensive coverage of the Goudy Commission enquiry on Benghazi, even if Fox News will be overdoing it big-big time in this respect at the expense of more rational and obvious news coverage. Let's hope MSNBC follows suit. Hence, for many, about the only rational coverage of Benghazi proceedings on the vidiot's lamp is likely to be the deceptively-edited highlights on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report (the deception being conscious and deliberate, so as to make the RepubliKKKans look all the more ridiculous through satire).

No wonder the bumper stickers proclaiming "My News Channel is Comedy Central and My Comedy Channel is Fox News" or some such are probably right.

(Still, though, I'd like to ask if CNN's boycott of Benghazi coverage will also extend to its "linkbait" cousin, HLN.)

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