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18h30 UTC; TUESDAY, 15 APRIL 2014: If there's one thing that "Tea Party," "9/12" and "Christian Patriot" groups, sects--and affiliated prolefeeders--have in common with past dictatorial and totalitarian regimes, it would have to be a hard-wired zealotry and true belief in the notion that "words are weapons" for the "winning of hearts and minds" over to their respective causes.

Especially so such among the ignorant and less-sophisticated masses.

But what they fail to recognise in their delusional worship of "words hav[ing] power" is that famous maxim of Lord Acton that "power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Which applies just as well with their worship of the power of words as a prolefeed weapon.

Especially so where their worship of word power excuses corrupting and perverting the established meanings of various words and phrases so as to serve ideological ends more than anything else; such was a popular propaganda practice among Communist, Fascist and Nazi regimes in past, especially where the deeper desire is one of disguising the true intent of the message to hand so as to deceive and mislead the target audience.

Best accomplished by distorting the established meanings of words, or otherwise creating totally new meanings for words as are at gross variance with accepted meanings. (Especially where "word/phrase lists" and related "guidance notes" come into the equation, the hope being one of maximising appeal and attention without the audience knowingly suspecting what the real intentions are throughout.)

Or, alternately, following the card of far-right troublemaker and "sovereign citizen" hero and role-model David Wynn Miller and embracing the rather blatantly mechanical perversion of English as he variously calls "Syntax Word-Key Meaning" or "Quantum-Language-Parse-Syntax-Grammar", which, when read aloud, sounds rather annoying and robotic, almost grating on the ears by virtue of its metallic sound and nuance. And those who have played along with this particular perversion, usually to challenge mortgage foreclosures or tax liens, have been rather unsuccessful in so trying to sway the courts thus, such more often than not being dismissed.

In any event, such manipulation of language to the point of perversion needs to be watched. And, to the extent necessary, challenged. Especially where you have the clear and present likelihood of doublethink most unconscious and unwitting in the bargain, as if seeking to trap and ensnare the Unwashed Masses to the point of outright insanity or mental/emotional anguish.

Which is just what these very movements expect, for all their canards and patsies about being "patriots" and "Good Christians" and "liberty-loving" and all that; such, know, are canards for their real agenda as, far from the defence of Thy Dear and Lovely Land and all it stands for, is really closer to the Jucheist model out of North Korea (but don't expect them to let slip this openly for fear of scandal ensuing. Come to think of it, has anybody considered the likelihood of ideological parallels between the "Tea Party" and the Jucheist agendae, particularly where it comes to propaganda messaging?)

In closing, as if to give you an idea of my belief in language, when used correctly, being an effective "winning of hearts and minds" tool, consider thou the following:

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