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17h30 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 12 MARCH 2014:
If there's one thing Congressman Paul Ryan (GOP/WI) seems to enjoy thinking about, it's insisting that the Lower Classes need to relearn a Healthy and Proper Respect for the Dignity of Labour (as if thinking that only through ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe can a nil unemployment rate be achieved "completely and finally", from everlasting to everlasting), especially where racist stereotypes and canards can be deployed in furtherance of this delusion of Luscious Glory rivalled only by the worst excesses of apartheid South Africa, which must be a favourite ideal conservatives love to embrace for Saving Thy Dear and Lovely Land from Herself as God's Own Country.

Especially with regards to the concept of Reddingsdaad (lit., "rescue deed"), expected as it does to channel the presumed Unity and Identity of the "REAL AmeriKKKan" People and Nation into a "spontaneous, mighty and at once people-centred" campaign of socioeconomic uplift--in particular through the consgtant leverage of otherwise "idle monies" from the masses "donated" into Reddingsdaadfonds into "productive capital" as would (theoretically) stimularte jobs creation as would, in its turn, empower "REAL AmeriKKKa" according to the disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., as tool and agent of National Identity and Unity. Especially so among neo-Confederates seeking to reclaim for so-called "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKans" the former Confederate States of America as a "national home" based on the patsy of their "entitlement to the right of self-determination" as an Oppressed National Minority, and invoking as precedent the Balfour Declaration's doctrine that Jews were entitled by religio-historical right to a "national home" in Palestine.

The which, unfortunately, won't wash with the United Nations.

Information that Christian Homeschooler Zealots and True Believers don't want you knowing about, especially given where such is "promoting offensive stereotypes" about the Bible-Believing Good Christians as are being thus preened and groomed to Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Nation to His Luscious Glory: (or so you're expected to believe): The dark side of Christian Homeschooling, as in homeschooled children turning violent or otherwise associating with the weird and unwholesome element (including White Nationalists, neo-Nazis, illicit "militias" and suchlike).

Which needs to be read by especially such considering the Christian National Homeschooling syllabus, or otherwise labouring under the delusion that Good Christians can't expect to be Misled by the Treachery of Others, Known and Secret.

Tell me this isn't what "Tea Party" and suchlike types have in mind for when it comes to recasting electoral law and policy: On Sunday, North Koreans "voted" (itself a misnomer, as will be seen shortly) for all 687 delegates to what Pyongyang calls the "Supreem People's Assembly", essentially a rubberstamp body as convenes for but a few days annually to rubberstamp budget and policy decisions of the so-called "Korean Workers' Party," the North Korean military and the "spiritual guidance" of the equally-so-called "Eternal Leader" Kim Il Sung and "Eternal First Secretary" Kim Jong Il vis-a-vis the Juche Idea and its doctines, principles and disciplines.

I say that "voted" is a misnomer because, as defectors from North Korea will tell you, the quinennial elections therefor are essentially little more than a coercive exercise with elements of a national census, such being presented as one with National Unity and Identity for the Greater Glory of Juche (witness all manner of sappy "patriotic" songs and poems making the rounds of North Korea in the electoral runup with titles such as "We Go to the Polling-Station" and "The Billows of Emotion and Happiness"). And what's more, all 687 delegates were pre-vetted by the Workers' Party's leadership for "holding the correct opinions" relative to "Supreem Commander" Kim Jong Un (who himself was the candidate for the constituency in and around Mt. Paekdu, revered by Koreans of all nations as their ancestral birthplace), not to mention voters essentially given no choice but to approve or reject the candidate offered them.

In any event, the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported a 99.98% electoral turnout; however, such, as is the case with North Korean prolefeed generally, ought be taken cum salis grano absent any attempt at independent verification (which, know, is highly unlikely from such a hermetrically-sealed state as North Korea).

Finally, readers, a bit of advice to especially conservative-tending readers of this blog, including such who have "comment troll" Delusions of Grandeur and Luscious Glory, as if suggesting in their posts "Valhalla, I am coming!!" (as per Led Zeppelin's "The Immigrant Song"):

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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