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18h30 UTC; MONDAY, 24 FEBRUARY 2014:
With the unusually cold winter abroad in these parts of late, Mein Innkeeper Friend, discovering the emergence of a fresh bedbug issue in his hostelery here in Winona (the one I do for, know), found that cold weather actually KILLS(!!) bedbugs. Hence, this morning, as a corrective to said bedbug issue (which, know, has already afflicted one of the night managers of said motel with telltale bite marks on the cuff of his arm), he and I moved out a decayed sofa as was in the back office area for the sake of killing bedbugs as made their presence known (not to mention being the first step towards its replacement with a secondhand such, probably through the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore or other second-hand furniture outlet).

Said manager also had designs on turning off the heat in several rooms of said motel where bedbug infestations were discerned of late, with an eye towards the same desire of killing off bedbugs (which, know, don't thrive well in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with the eggs and larvae unlikely to survive freezing or lower) by non-chemical means (even with the purchase of two gallon bottles of special insecticide for bedbug infestations; the better as an ur-Plan B).

Now honestly: How exactly do the late Unfortunate Events in Kyiv as brought down the Viktor Yanukovich regime and its Luscious Glory of corruption and worse at the weekend have anything to do with Thy Dear and Lovely Nation's continuing existance as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations vis-a-vis the "complete and final" denationalisation of State Social Security in the name of "promoting personal responsibility" among the "REAL AmeriKKKan" working-classes not otherwise expected to make sound or wise investment decisions themselves?

So what exactly would preclude the Internal Revenue Service from opening
tax-fraud enquiries into Walmart for their perverting various tax-incentive schemes by local governments vis-a-vis opening new stores in especially culturally-depraved communities when they're perfectly capable of using their own rather substantial resources in the first place?

How exactly does "cultural heritage" relate to the use
of now-politically-incorrect (as in high-particulate-emitting) wood stove heating systems in especially rural areas, especially given that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now issuing new emissions guidance therefor (which doesn't quite sit well with the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" thus reliant for home heating in winter)?

News Holocaust Deniers and Revisionists are certain to be bawling over:
The oldest known Holocaust survivor, by name and stylee Alice Herz-Stoffel, died at the weekend in London at 110 years of age. The which we wouldn't know much about were it not for the Oscar-nominated documentary short The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved my Life, wherein Ms. Herz-Stoffel relates how she escaped the depravities of the Nazi Holocaust via the Auschwitz concentration camp, whence she was sent in 1942, by playing piano for high-ranking Nazi officers at soirees of the most depraved sort.

Finally, to close out this post, something worth targeting
the so-called "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKan" with as a prolefeed weapon:

"What will happen NEXT?!"

Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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