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17h45 UTC; TUESDAY, 18 MARCH 2014: Before I begin this post, reader, may I just use this opportunity to bring to your Notice and Attention a new innovation I've added in tracking this blog's traffic over the last week--as in adding a hit counter as tracks the traffic to this blog over the course of the day, with such resetting at midnight every day. Same grouped by country, as you will certainly notice.

This, no doubt, in the interest of service to visitors, as if a cumulative hit counter (which may or may not be that accurate) isn't good enough, or accurate enough, for that matter, in counting visitor traffic numbers.

Which brings up this reminder to share this blog with your friends (or, for that matter, with such social media channels you're using) ... joining the Facebook group for this very blog (with opportunity to also comment on these posts) ... if you have a mobile phone, signing up for our free blog-related mobile app ... or even subscribe to the RSS feed, which allows you to receive these posts in your e-mail as they get posted, all in the interest of keeping the feeling alive for this very blog you've come to love(?!) all along.

After all, "don't read the headlines; read The Blog That Am! instead!!"

Something for conservative Zealots and True Believers in Jobs Creation need to think about, and seriously (clicking on the image for the skinny on what I mean here):

(And we can do without the canards about only the private sector being best equipped to create REAL jobs, paying REAL money, all that cal, "if only they made a reasonable effort to do so on their own initiative," which is likely only when pigs fly. Not to mention dusting off those tropes about "outdated and undue regulatory burden standing in the way" of viable jobs creation without citing clear and realistic examples in this regard.)

A right-wing "martyr" for the cause of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as one with Our National Unity and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations by Divine Right and Will, or so conservative prolefeeders are bound to see infomercial mountebank Kevin Trudeau within measurable distance thanks to his receiving sentence of ten years in a Federal prison for Consumer Fraud and Deception and Violating a Prior Restraining Order. Especially when they start launching what could well be star-crossed online petition drives for "clemency" as a "politically-motivated victim of undue and unnecessary regulatory burden" and "martyr for commercial free speech" somehow "essential and integral" to said ekonomesie vryheid, &c. (especially where the presumed "right to lie," as per Fox News Channel v. Franken, is invoked as a defence).

Meanwhile, the "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" camp
should start thinking about the errors of their thinking in the wake of Beijing's announcing that it would support Pyongyang's taking exception to a recently-released United Nations Human Rights Commission report taking issue with North Korea's perversion of human rights and basic liberties, based largely on interviews with defectors from the highly-secretive regime the world over.

In any event, said report is seen by the Beijing-Pyongyang Axis as "lies" and "exaggerations" "spread by Western forces***to discredit and undermine North Korea from without," and is likewise "without factual basis."

(One obvious reason for this suckup: Pyongyang relies all the more heavily on Beijing of late for economic and ideological sustenance as the former's otherwise self-sufficient ideology is torturing its own population to madness through a manufactured pseudo-religion holding "Eternal Leader" Kim Il Sung and "Eternal First Secretary" Kim Jong Il to the status of outright gods who brought upon the Korean People and Nation an agenda for a self-sufficient, "people-centred" ideal of socialism reinforced by a steel-fisted self-defence posture ready for any threat as may issue from without, and for which North Korea is expected to win thanks to the people's shared love of "Eternal Leader" and "Eternal First Secretary."

(The which ought also be of concern to such in the Greater "Tea Party" [pseudo]movement, who may be all the more unaware of its ideological parallels to the Jucheist of North Korea.)

Some Closing Thoughts as perhaps reflects upon Your Correspondent--or maybe not, in which case you know where to leave the comments. Or locate the e-mail feedback form, for that matter (essentially a Necessary Evil):

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