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17h30 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 26 MARCH 2014:
How many can relate to the following scenario (and be honest about it):

Meanwhile, here in the Minnwissippi region as is home base for this very blog, it looks as if (finally!) some semblance of serious springtime will be making her presence known after quite the cold and snowy winter seen in these orisons ... even if it means some rain on the morrow along with temperatures around 45°, expect a mild weekend (around 52° Saturday, maybe 60° on Sunday) before things return to a more cooler pattern (as in close to 45° next Monday).

Thus, after a series of "false thaw" scenarios through much of February and March, we may have the real McCoy of spring weather at last. And just in time; this year, Easter falls on April 20th, towards the end of the spectrum for its observance. (Next year, April 5th is Easter Sunday; come 2016, it's March 27th; 2017, April 16th.)

Have you received of late any sort of "lottery winner" e-spam which contends in the opening paragraph that "when you open an e-mail account, your e-mail provider automatically enters you into a lottery for big money prizes"? I, for one, find this rather incredible, especially when you consider that such a notion calls to mind the "sweepstakes" approaches conducted by Tattersall's "Down Under" between 1881 and 1979 and the irish Sweepstakes from 1930 until 1987, wherein tickets were connected to entries in a major horse race and the results determined the payout (with the betting done under an "accumulator" system).

Or, to a degree, Premium Bonds out of Great Britain, a Government security as allows bondholders to win big-money prizes in lieu of interest on their investments, with the right to reclaim their original investment stake (and, know, banned in the United States in view of its resembling a lottery in modus operandi).

Maybe Mythbusters ought look into such a concept and whether such is actually the case. Or may be.

Did I hear this correctly--viz., that Glenn Beck is now praying for the imminent decease of Russian President Vladimir Putin vis-a-vis the Russo-Ukrainian Situation (including the Russian "annexation" of Crimea following a rigged ballot plebiscite), hoping such will hasten the demise of the United Russia regime?

As for such conservatives insisting on a purely "people-centrist" approach
to socioeconomic recovery across "REAL AmeriKKKa" predicated on the Afrikaner Nationalist ideal of 'n Volk red homself, essentially saying No to State or charitable help out of National Unity and Identity--isn't cooperativism and cooperatives as "people-centred" as you can get? Or how exactly is such incompatible with the disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe?

One online-streaming TV chat show we'd love to see: One as is modelled loosely on ABC's The View or CBS' The Talk, only more casual and done from a summer home dock fronting upon Lake Delton down Wisconsin Dells way, with common-or-garden summer visitors and celebrity guests alike invited "onto the deck" for a chat on the happenings of the moment (and then some). And with the hosts wearing T-shirts with "Wisconsin Dells" featured prominently (no tacky or suggestive messaging, as is a staple with much of the T-shirt shops down that way) rather than predictable-looking dress seemingly purchased on the cheap at some charity thrift shop.

Its title sequence featuring that Fox News Helicopter gag from the opening titles on several episodes of The Simpsons, followed by a cutover to what appears to be a seaplane landing at the former Mebo Seaplane Base on Lake Delton eventually leading into a jet ski run from said base through Lake Delton to the deck whence the show originates from, all scored to "Image" by Alan Haven, vintage 1965, as used by the pirate station Radio Caroline (and since it's not exactly familiar to Americans, following is a YouTube video as features same, to get an idea of its melody):

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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