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17h45 UTC; TUESDAY, 11 MARCH 2014:
Your Correspondent felt compelled to bring to mind the following from the Facebook page of Right Wing Watch, a People For the American Way vesch as monitors and calls out various Christian Right prolefeeders and the prolefeed they issue, vis-a-vis last weekend's CPAC and the remarks of Congresslady Michele Bachmann:

Which, in any event, hath Your Correspondent wondering if a more accurate replacement for "intellectual" in the original remarks should be "quasi-Jucheist" (as in North Korea's Juche Idea, essentially a fusion of Stalinist Communism, isolationist stateism and religiopolitical fanaticism reinforced by racism and State-sponsored paranoia of the highest order).

I mention this possibility insasmuch as Your Correspondent
is probably one to wonder whether there are close ideological parallels to the "Tea Party" conservative agenda stateside and the Juche Idea's such out of Pyongyang, in particular its Guiding Doctrine ("Man is the Master of Everything, and decides Everything") and its Three Pirnciples of political and sovereign independence, socioeconomic self-reliance (expected all the more to be "people-centred") and a national defence policy based on fanatically hard-wired self-defence of a "show-no-mercy" sort.

Too, you also have overzealously religious devotion played up for the equally-so-called "Eternal Leader" Kim Il Sung (1912-1994) and "Eternal First Secretary" Kim Jong Il (1945-2011), both seen as superdivine objects of worship and devotion with regards to the Unity and Identity of the Korean People and Nation ... as well as an equally-fanatical devotion with "race purity and integrity" vis-a-vis Nazi Germany (witness one case history in the recent United Nations human-rights report lambasting North Korea's contempt in this regard as hath it that a Korean woman who had been to China previously was forced to drown her newborn infant son shortly after birth on suspicion that its father was Chinese--and in full view of several other women and secret-police officials as interrogated her, to make things even more humiliating).

Obviously, ideological modifications are necessary to avoid arousing embarrassment in certain high-level channels of conservative leadership about the inherent ideological parallels they have to the North Korean, as well as to ensure that such is consistent with AmeriKKKan Conditions and Experience as the Rightful Successor to apartheid South Africa for the title and mantle of "God's Own Country", not to mention the imrecation conservatives want to push about ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe being one with as much Our National and Sovereign Identity as it is an agent of National Unity and Identity of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation--provided, however, that "nation" is viewed in the context of the white-nationalist acronym ORION ("Our Race Is Our Nation"), reinforced with the Afrikaner Nationalist/Dutch Reformed Christian ideal that "every Nation is founded upon a country (Landsbodem; i.e., "blood land") allocated unto it by God."

And while the prospect may be a stretch, has any Real American among us considered the prospect as aforementioned? (Which makes this post especially worth sharing.)

"What will happen NEXT?!"
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