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16h30 UTC; SUNDAY, 9 MARCH 2014:
In case any of you North American readers weren't aware of the fact by now, Summer Time went into force and effect at 02h local time this morning. And will remain so (excepr in AZ, HI and SK in particular) until 02h local time Sunday, 2 November.

Which is enough to bring up the point of why Your Correspondent prefers dating these posts in UTC (f/k/a GMT) time, should any of you (especially the Misguided, Closed-Minded even, Patriots Insisting AmeriKKKa is the Once and Future Center of the World, the Universe and the 28 Known Galaxies) persist in asking: It's because this is the World-Wide Web, not the AmeriKKKa-Only Web, for one. And going back to the first point, UTC time is the global time standard by international convention. So here.

Which, in any case, brings Your Correspondent to the rather delusional notion Congresslady Michele Bachmann (GOP/MN) pushed at CPAC 2014 yesterday suggesting that the Greater "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement, at its very core, is "essentially an intellectual movement." Which I consider "rather delusional" in that the "Tea Party" and its fellow-travellers ideologically seem to value ignorance disguised as blind and unswerving orthodoxy to God and Country.

Not bad when its core audience is what William Allen White called the "moronic underworld" and conservative prolefeeders enjoy lily-gilding as "REAL AmeriKKKa"--as in the ranks of poor whiteism whose poverty, fecundity and ignorance are ripe for exploitation and manipulation externally if and when required, especially so in the True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command arena (howbeit xenophobically jingoistic, and on a par with the excesses of apartheid South Africa vis-a-vis the "privileged as of right" White Afrikaner minority by way of Afrikaner Nationalist leaders and movements starting in the Great Depression's wake in the 1930's as prompted the Carnegie Commission's landmark report on the "poor white" problem in South Africa, in its turn inspiring all manner of distractives to inspire Afrikaner Honour and Pride such as Die Tweede Trek of 1938 and its calls for a "people-first" Reddingsdaad campaign seeking to use Ethno-National Unity and Solidarity as an agent of empowering socioeconomic power and dominion).

That, and the movement's use of trick, deception and doublethink as agencies of winning hearts and minds at the risk and expense of the vulnerable.

And we can do without conservative platitudes about the (howbeit flawed) interconnexion of Cultural Heritage and Identity to ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe (especially when perverted as tools and agents of AmeriKKKan National Unity and Identity, howbeit manufactured) relating to calls on the part of animal-rights acivists targeting the Sea World parks in San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio to give up on displaying marine mammals such as killer whales and dolphins for "entertainment" through trick and deception as shows no regard for the well-being of said creatures (with captive breeding programmes in service to the mission), especially so in the wake of two widely-distributed documentaries taking issue with Sea World's trademark killer-whale shows and the mayhem caused to their trainers.

As if that weren't enough, legislators in California and New York state are considering legislation as would ban use and display of marine mammals for entertainment purposes, and captive breeding programmes in service to same.

So just in case Fox News starts pushing the trope that such is a "slap in the face of Cultural Heritage and Identity", let alone its (howbeit tenuous) interrelation to ekonomesie vryheid, &c., such ought best be ignored.

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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