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17h UTC; FRIDAY, 28 MARCH 2014:
Firstly, Your Correspondent apologises in a way for any serious delay in getting this posted unto Teh Innwewebz because he's doing laundry AND changing sheets on his bed at this time. Which is rather rare, let alone time-distracting (or is it?)

Meanwhile, something for "Tea Party" and suchlike prolefeeders to ponder, and seriously (especially considering their delusional nostalgics):

Which calls to mind what seems to have been a commonplace in certain dysfunctional families growing up--as in coming home from school, as per blind orders, and the mother, claiming "sickness," "nervous breakdown" or somesuch (yet unlikely to show the symptoms thereof), telling the kids to "go play in the street or something" without due regard for safety or welfare until supprertime. And on weekends and school breaks, asking the kids to be out of the house from after breakfast until suppertime, insisting that the parents (Motherdear especially) "need some time of their own" (especially when they want to feign illness and avoid arousing the suspicions of the welfare agencies out of selfish pride above all else).

And which must seem to continue among "Bible-Believing" Christian families who fear that community youth programmes after school are really engaging in "homosexual indoctrination" at public expense, and that the kids need to head straight home from school "to ensure their purity." (The whole "homosexual indoctrination" thing probably being a canard as is based but in latent stereotypes popular among the "poor whites" as tend to associate with Christian Right thought and beliefs.)

Moving from the ridiculous to the downright obnoxious, Your Correspondent was thinking at some length the other night about where it was not uncommon until some 50 years ago for blacks to be reduced to Objects of Fun by way of such crass carnival games as those where blacks were targeted for the baseballs of fairgoers, either through hitting same in the face or by way of the dunk tank (three balls for a quarter).

The which "Tea Party" and suchlike types would love to see as "cultural heritage and folkways" serving no useful purpose other than appeasing their own selfish racist vanity and vainglory (which, in fact, such games acually promoted in their glory days) ... not to mention having no regard for what it would have been like had it been "poor whites" such as so-called "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKans" in the crosshairs thereof.

Finally, something Real America (unlike the conservative prolefeed simulation thereof) needs to ponder in light of current events:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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