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17h30 UTC; SUNDAY, 23 FEBRUARY 2014: First off, Your Correspondent should ask for your indulgence with the haste by which he's trying to come up with this sort of blog post, especially absent prepared notes of any kind (as is his usual practice), as well as his adjusting to his new rebuilt laptop PC as will serve to handle these posts from here on out.

In any case, perhaps it was time to ask Congressperson Michelle Bachmann (GOP/MN) this: If she's so sure that "God would repeal Obamacare," as she claimed recently, then what prevents her thinking about what if God WANTED Obamacare in the first place?

As if that weren't enough, perhaps the Good Voters of Wisconsin ought think twice about the possibility of reelecting "Tea Party"-deluded Governor Scott Walker in the wake of freshly-unsealed evidence from a previous John Doe Enquiry into improper electoral tactics back when he was Milwaukee County Executive vis-a-vis his gubenetorial bid in 2010--as in using Milwaukee County employees to handle e-mail pis aller for his gubenetorial campaign and related strategems. That, and his unwillingness to be open and transparent about the Luscious Glory of his jobs-creation policy as expects only ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe to be the Great White Father of Jobs Creation, solely on its own initiative and motivation--which, more than likely, may involve the likes of blackmail, extortion and other illegal or questionable tactics when the State's name and majesty are invoked.

And pray, how exactly is it that the working-classes contributing into State Social Security (rather than their own Retirement Savings Plans per the Latinoamericano models preferred by Social Security denationalisation supporters all the more) automatically renders them as "moochers," "leeches," "social parasites" and worse when it's well-known that many such are essentially incapable of making their own investment decisions all the more wisely in the first place? (That, and many such harbouring latent anti-Semitic tendencies about the equities markets as would be at the core of Social Security denationalisation, such seeming to be a commonplace among rank-and-file Social Security denationalisation supporters wanting nothing less than "Christian" socioeconomic models, howbeit vaguely defined save for unwitting parallels to the Juche Idea out of North Korea.)

In expecting children to be taught "healthy respect" for ekononesie vryheid, &c., as one with AmeriKKKan National Unity and Identity, and its role as an agent thereof, how do we know such won't involve Orwellian mind games of the doublethink model? And how do we know such "agents of AmeriKKKan National Unity and Identity" expected to be so identified won't include the racist, the nativist, the xenophobically delusional, and worse?

"What will happen NEXT?!"
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