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20h45 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 5 MARCH 2014: In case you weren't aware of it by now (at least in the United States, Canada and northern Mexico), Daylight Savings Time for 2014 goes into force and effect at 02h local time on Sunday morning. (Except, however, in the American states of AZ and HI and the several American territories of PR, VI, AS, GU, CM, MP and FM and the Canadian province of SK.) Hence, make sure you set the timepieces ahead one hour Saturday evening ... and use same as an opportunity to test and change the batteries on your smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors.

Meanwhile, the notion Congresslady Michelle Bachmann (GOP/MN) hath of President Obama "fulfilling the Biblical End Times prophecy" (yes, boys and girls, she DID use that term) should be enow to make you and I wonder if she's actually using projection as seeks to protect the GOP's Luscious Glory of Sure Electoral Victory in Indecision 2014 by playing the God and Country card, hoping in the process to channel the "White Horse Prophecy" whereby Thy Dear and Lovely AmeriKKKa could call out of abeyance the mantle and title held by apartheid South Africa of "God's Own Country" and the bragging rights such carried as a scare tactic.

Too, you need to remember that among the objections raised by the Roman Catholic Church to the supposed appearence of Our Lady at Necedah, WI on 15 August 1950 (and still continues objecting to) was that Her (presumed) Message to Mary Ann VanHoof (who herself had past Spiritualist associations) tended too heavily to the apocalyptic (as in the likelihood of a Soviet atomic strike upon the United States coming via Alaska and Hawai'i, with horrific consequences). Not the sort that Our Lady gave to Bernadette at Lourdes (as in opening up a marshy spring with her hands, with a spring of pure water gushing forth), to the three peasant children at Fatima (as in saying the Rosary for the sake of Godless Russia), or to Adele Brise outside Green Bay (as in educating the children of settlers in the Catechism and the Rosary), for that matter.

In any event, an insincere message unworthy of the faithful. (Including such seeking the reelection of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the face of Serious Revelations from his time as Milwaukee County Executive, the which need to be called out. Not to mention the prospect of serious psychopathia which could entail Walker's trying to channel Baal or Moloch.)

For the record, "Obamacare" has nothing whatsoever to do with Radio Shack's announcing plans to close some 1,100 sub-performing locations world wide within measurable distance; the actual reasons therefor include declining same-store sales translating into serious bottom-line losses since at least the Festive Season. (The which could also affect its Radio Shack Dealers scheme, as allows small businesses in smaller communities to partner with Radio Shack in selling a selection of its products on an agency basis.)

Keurig must be getting rather nervous about protecting their Natural Competitive Advantage in the single-cup coffee brewer market if they're seeking to develop technologies as would ensure that only its own properitary technology (and not lookee-likee, "designed-to-fit" wannabes) works in its coffee brewers vis-a-vis coffee, tea, cocoa and tisanes; HLN hath it that Keurig is claiming losses of as much as $25 million/annum worldwide from companies offering "designed-to-fit" coffee pods, and wants to stop at nothing to protect its advantage. Uh, isn't this considered Anti-Competitive Behaviour?

Finally: With Rush "Truth Detector" Limbaugh contending
that the only likely reason that 12 Years a Slave won the Best Picture Oscar "because its title contained a 'magic word'" (yes, he did use that phraseology, know), what would he have preferred for to win the same Best Picture Oscar?

Or is he the sort who would prefer that the so-called "music shows" down Branson way be considered a "more realistic" picture of Amerikaanse Kultuur because of as much its Mid-AmeriKKKan location as its "reflecting REAL AmeriKKKan Values and Folkways," as certain cultural conservatives would love to play up (never mind their being rather subtle conduits for conservative prolefeed thanks to "angel" investors coming from conservative causes and groups expected to keep their involvement thus discreet)?

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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