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17h25 UTC; SATURDAY, 15 MARCH 2014: There seems to be this particular fetish among certain misguided scions of the Christian Right as insists that His Satanic Majesty IS out there, and poseth Clear and Present Danger Unto Thy Dear and Lovely Land Unless Good Christians Intervene to Defend Our Christian Heritage, Identity, Values and Folkways. Two especially laughable examples this week Your Correspondent is aware of in this regard are:
  1. (pseudo)religious broadcaster Kevin Swanson claiming on his radio programme that the current Disney animated hit Frozen is nothing less than "lesbian indoctrination", and that Disney is being dominated by Satanists who seek to use their releases to "promote homosexuality and bestiality" (howbeit without any credible proof); and
  2. Senator Ted Cruz (GOP/TX) claiming that abortion opponents are somehow "dominated by Satan," his "evidence" in this respect (or so he thinks) being where abortion supporters marching on the Texas State Capitol in Austin recently shouted "Hail Satan!" (or so he thinks, absent any YouTube video as would confirm this claim).
Which makes you wonder just how low the Christian Right will stoop to--even if it means making pacts with as much Satan as Baal and Moloch, come to think of it--in claiming the mantle apartheid South Africa was forced to abandon of being "God's Own Country" when it abandoned apartheid in 1994. And whether Al Cohol comes into the equation.

Something for the "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" crowd to think about: Investors this past week the world over (including Wall Street and The City) took note of reports out of China vis-a-vis declines in exports and industrial output therefrom, in its turn weighing upon the value of their Renminbi ("people's money") currency, just released from the yoke of state-sanctioned FOREX controls; in fact, USD1 is now worth about RMB6.50, and some FOREX bigwigs are wondering if it can only get worse for the yuan.

Too, you also have serious air-pollution issues in several northern Chinese cities, Beijing especially, over recent days.

As for expecting a renewed healthy respect for the Dignity of Labour
being promoted in the "chronically and habitually dependent upon government" by arbitrarily cutting off benefits without warning for "basket cases" thereof (not to mention reinforce this with dogwhistle racist code-laden prolefeed, as Congressman Paul Ryan was overheard using this past week), how do we know such could be "preempted" with "reeducation" as tends too heavily to the ideologically-weighted (cf. Soviet-bloc political intruction in the day) at the expense of the practical? (This likewise extending to "school-to-work" schemes in the public schools, especially should it reach the point that "welfare basket case" children will be required to so participate as a "preemptive" measure, unaware that such amounts to nothing less than brainwashing with risk of psychoemotional harm reducing the targeted to being all the more unemployable as a result.)

As if to reinforce the point further, consider this:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
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