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19h UTC; FRIDAY, 28 FEBRUARY 2014:
There can be no mistaking the inherent: Conservative Zealotry and True Belief would love nothing less than to have the "failed and failing" public education syllabus include, out of "National Unity and Identity" more than anything else (as if such mattered), a curriculum which sees ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe to be one with Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations by Divine Will and Right, as well as such being a Tool and Agency of National Exceptionalist Unity and Identity, particularly when Thy Dear and Lovely Land is seen as Lord and Master by Divine Right of the World, the Universe and the 28 Known Galaxies, such to be defended By Any Means Necessary, no matter how banal, how crude or how sadisto it may be.

Especially when such can be presented in a stylee disguising its real intent of such serving purely ideological ends (and distractive ideological ends, at that), with no real practical value whatsoever except to serve the most basic jingoistic purposes. And especially so when you consider the Course of Study to include such grossly-distractive and irrational topics as:
  • The Basic Principles and Fundamentals of said ekonomesie vryheid, &c.
  • What the Bible Says About Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c., and its Interrelation to Traditional Moral and Biblical Values and Beliefs.
  • How Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c., Will Strengthen Traditional Families, as well as Save the Chronically- and Habitually-Government-Dependent From Enslavement to State Pauperism.
  • Identifying Such Specimens of Best Practices as Would Guide Industry-Sponsored Self-Regulatory Codes Essential to Ekononesie Vryheid, &c.
  • The Necessity of Racism, Nativism, Homophobia, Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia in Defence of Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c.
  • How Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c., Serves as a Tool and Weapon of Social Control (especially so in reinforcing latent prejudices and stereotypes, not unlike apartheid South Africa's using the Beerhall System in the black townships as a cheap way to finance the agencies of police and military as kept the black majority "in their place," especially during the likes of Soweto and Crossroads).
  • Leveraging the Power and Intrusion of Advertising (and the "Commercial Free Speech" defence, especially where the "right to lie" canard is deployed) in Relation to Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c. (including invocation of the "pizza flyer" analogy popular in "Five Reports" scam letters in the early 2000's).
  • How Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c., is "People-Centred", as Opposed to Socialism and Marxism, and How Same Can Be Even More So In Line with its Basic Principles and Disciplines.
  • The Martyrs of Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c. (Essentially rehabilitating such who were the worst specimens thereof, whose attempt to claim the Luscious Glory of its fruits were thwarted by some class of a "fatal flaw" as was its unravelling, e.g., Kevin Trudeau, Bernie Madoff, Dave DelDotto, Don LaPre, Bernie Cornfeld, Samuel Insull, Charles Ponzi, Dr. John Brinkley, Norman G. Baker, that sort).
  • How Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c., as Manifested in the "Ronald Reagan Free Trade Area," is a More Cost-Efficient Form of Foreign Aid to Developing Countries and Economies (howbeit without addressing the prospect of targeted countries screaming "Colonialism!!" or its possible inspiration in Imperial Japan's infamous "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" before World War II).
  • Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c., in the Context of World History and Western Civilisation (taking as "example" thereof pre-apartheid South Africa's Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweging, as developed by Afrikaner Nationalist leaders to save the "poor whites" from British-influenced thralldom by, for one, reinventing capitalism by seeking to emphasise jobs creation and training among their own kind rather than mere wealth creation and concentration, eventually to assert for the Afrikaner its "natural right" to socioeconomic dominion over South Africa).
  • How Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c., Will Achieve the Luscious Glory of a Classless Ownership Society (as per the context of the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and AmeriKKKan President George Bush the Younger, rather than the Marxist/Leninist concept, as the former applied the general terms), with the Aid of God.
Which, all in all, is more than likely to be laden with doublethink of the highest order--and deliberate doublethink, at that, to confuse, deceive and mislead The Future of Thy Dear and Lovely Land as will be expected to ensure its future continuity from everlasting to everlasting, and to defend it By Any Means Necessary Against All Known and Secret Enemies, From Within as Much as Without.

And which is enough to wonder if such is really necessary, especially when it's likely that such could be seen as a "red herring" syllabus risking further socioeconomic decline and ruination such as these same conservative Zealots and True Believers insist is essential to recasting the economy according to its own articles of faith, as aforementioned.

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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