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17h UTC; MONDAY, 24 MARCH 2014:
One thing Your Correspodent would certainly love to hear about (as well as, perhaps, many of you fellow-readers) in this electoral cycle: Videlicet, some "Tea Party"-tending politico letting slip the fact that he actually has no prior knowledge or awareness of its real agenda and related articles of faith as actually seek to undermine Thy Dear and Lovely Land and recast same as a corporatist, "Third Way" even, police state.

(As a matter of fact, there is precedent for this likelihood: One Greek MP who identified with the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party resigned, as per the British daily The Guardian, after he acknowledged that he had no real sympathies for Golden Dawn beyond the emotionally-driven.)

Expect the prolefeed from the "Drill, Baby, DRILL!" camp, in its Luscious Glory of fanaticism as ignores the real workings of the very ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe they claim to be defending and representing as one with AmeriKKKan National Unity and Identity (especially as a tool and weapon in service therefor), to be more blatant over coming weeks as the fortnightly Lundberg Survey of gas prices across the United States sees increases in the average pump price of regular unleaded (the most recent such showing a 5ยข/gallon increase) as refineries start producing more expensive summer blends with added ethanol (and, in some major metropolitan areas, special oxygenates to reduce exhaust pollutants).

Not to mention reflecting recent wholesale increases in the price of ethanol as more and more such refineries close because of market conditions and the size of last year's crops.

Is it any wonder that "Tea Party" thought sees the wasteful as "Wise Use," reinforced with a secret desire to hasten His Second Coming, not to mention our calling from abeyance the title of "God's Own Country" which apartheid South Africa had to abandon in such haste as it did? (Not to mention where it's been suggested that the Elmer Gantryites may have planted the seed for where America may be about to see a serious loss of religious identity by their excesses of blasphemy and sacrelige, especially the secret.)

Now that Walmart has announced where it will (seriously) post price comparisons with competitors on Walmart.com within measurable distance, let's hope such will be the beginning of a potentially destructive (for Walmart, I hope) price war as competitors start seeking to match Walmart's latest price spread comparitives--and Walmart seeks to respond in kind, with every last manouver sure to attract pundits and observers wondering whether we may be about to see a Mexican standoff in the retailing arena.

Unless one or the other swallows what essentially becomes a "poison pill" by reducing prices so low thanks to these near-constant price-match wars as could call to mind Gilbert and Sullivan.

Finally, don't take at face value the following:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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