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17h50 UTC; THURSDAY, 27 MARCH 2014:
How quickly this month seems to have flashed by, is it not? As I put these thoughts onto Teh Innerwebz, rain is falling upon the Minnwissippi ... but it looks as if there will be quite the temperature rollercoaster as March prepares its segue into April, by way of a sloppy rain/snow mix expected overnight, followed by cooler (but nicer than recently) conditions and a somewhat mild weekend before cooler conditions and rain return as April enters the stage.

In any case, not one to waste your time
with tropes off Twitter (especially so the MINIONS such), but I hope the following is worth relating to:

Meanwhile, something as is DEFINITELY worth your time is this rather revealing interview with an actual Walmart store manager (whose name and location, know, were not disclosed for fear of retribution, including "Heathering," by Corporate HQ in Bentonville) as reveals just how low the corporate culture of Walmart has become of late. Which should be reason enough to continue boycott action against Walmart.

And as if that weren't awful enow, Walmart has openly acknowledged in its 2013 Annual Report that its revenue depends heavily on SNAP nutrition assistance and other relief programmes for low-income and socioeconomically-disadvantaged peoples, with recent cuts in the funding therefor under the banner of "Austerity Towards Prosperity" adversely affecting the bottom line all the more.

Too, another shot acros the bow (as it were) in continuing support of said boycotts of Walmart (click on the image and find out more):

(And in case there happen to be "Tea Party" or "Christian Patriot"-tending trolls out there questioning my Loyalty to Motherland and/or True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command, especially by claiming a sham State of National Emergency requiring shock and unprovoked Loyalty Drills of the North Korean stylee, in consequence of this, I have two words for you: "Prove it." McCarthyist tactics of smears, guilt by association, hearsay, false witness and suchlike will not wash with Your Correspondent.)

And as for Walmart being the Best Friend of "REAL AmeriKKKa"
(as in "poor whiteism" whose minds can be easily manipulated with cheap prolefeed distractives taking unscrupulous advantage of their crude and base delusions of True Patriot Love, &c., founded on their poverty, fecundity and ignorance), Your Correspondent calls for rejecting the prolefeed certain conservative "foundations" want to push of late targeting the poor as insist that they have non causa pro causa (i.e., "no cause for cause," or put more clearly, "no reason to complain about their unfortunate lot") because "you never had it so GOOD!"

Which, recall, was the trope that Britain's Conservative Party under Harold Macmillan ran with during their tenure in Whitehall in the late 1950's and early 1960's--until the Profumo scandal, with its lurid and tasteless revelations of tawdry affaris vis-a-vis high-level politicians and a prostituion ring led by Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies, unravelled everything.

Finally, a demonstration of the most "people-centred" way for so-called "REAL AmeriKKKa" to consider for its socioeconomic rescue and salvation based on the 'n Volk red homself concept, via the Facebook page of the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives (and worth pondering at that):

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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