Why, either. What is "normal"? Dare to be different for once!

18h10 UTC; SATURDAY, 8 MARCH 2014:
Thoughts While Crushing Aluminum Cans for Recycling at The Motel I Do For last evening (and dedicated, know, to those among you of the persuasion as insists that
"AmeriKKKa Needs to be More Like China," especially with this being the CPAC weekend):

Has abybody considered where China's Public Security Bureau (as in the secret police) may be using certain of its Han Chinese agents as agents provocateur who can be sent into Uighur- and Tibetan-dominant regions of western China to whip up trouble thus as can officially be blamed on "militant elements" to justify repressive measures against otherwise "protected" National Minorities? (Especially if such can be expected to be discreet in "blending in" with said minorities, with the signal to attack coming via coded messages received through "numbers" stations which the Public Security Bureau is expected to deny official knowledge of.)

Your Correspondent understands that among the stock canards of the annual CPAC confab (as is this weekend outside Washington, know), designed to develop official conservative strategems and prolefeed tropes for "winning over hearts and minds" among their dear lovely "REAL AmeriKKKan" masses, is that Hollywood is a Cesspool of Liberal Prolefeed as Threatens to Undermine and Betray Thy Dear and Lovely Nation (as if insisting that the best and only hope for AmeriKKKa is one of embracing the ideal of apartheid South Africa in its Luscious Glory).

How do we know such isn't really a canard for pushing the trope of using Branson's "music shows" as the defining litmus test of what conservatives insist is Amerikanischer Realkultur, one as is founded on an idealised Luscious Glory of White Euro-Christian Honour, Unity and Identity (as expects Kultuur to be one with "winning over hearts and minds" through especially discreet and subliminal means)?

Susan Smith. Andrea Yates. And now, Ebony Wilkerson. All three of whom have in communion designs influenced by Demonic Possession of killing off their children by drowning them, eventually found to be aggravated by serious mental disorders. (Which, in Ms. Yates' case, was ultimately attributed to the unhealthy and pernicious influence of an overzealously Fundamentalist Christian megachurch in suburban Houston, TX with whom the Yates family had been associated with.)

In the case of the offspring from Mmes. Yates and Smith, such succumbed to the designs of their mother and are now in eternal rest.

As for Ms. Wilkerson, the three children she had (with a fourth on the way) are now In Protective Custody down Daytona Beach way after she willfully drove her minivan onto the beach as high tide came in the other day, the hope being that the burdens would be thus lightened--only the childrens' cries for help were duly noted on shore, at which point sheriff's volunteers came to rescue the three. Ms. Wilkerson, who faces three counts each of Attempted Premeditated Murder and Child Abuse in connexion, claims that she was "escaping an abusive relationship" up Myrtle Beach way when she attempted the deed in question; as well, a psychiatric evaluation has been ordered by court officials in the interest of determining sanity, what with Ms. Wilkerson claiming that "demons" told her to thus dispatch the children.

In any event, let's just hope this doesn't get overzealously sensationalised.

Finally, a reminder for our North American friends
about this weekend's significance, unless otherwise proscribed by legislation:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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