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18h30 UTC; TUESDAY, 25 FEBRUARY 2014:
As many companies (especially such as cater to the tourist crowds in the known shoobie traps) start summer hiring efforts, notwithstanding the Boreal cold weather likely continuing well into the early part of March, at least in these parts, Your Correspondent has to wonder just how many bigot-type groups (and their prolefeed enablers) supposedly representing "REAL AmeriKKKa" (as in "poor whites" with few or no realistically marketable job prospects to begin with) will be asking "REAL AmeriKKKan Youth to flood summer businesses as otherwise have become dependent on foreign "guest workers" entering on the special J-1 visa in recent seasons with job applications or curriculums vitae all the more.

The better, supposedly, to "send a message" to the summer trade about "REAL AmeriKKKans" WANTING work, and that there is a substantial pool of "REAL AmeriKKKans" worth considering, but somehow being "prevented" from getting work by "unfair and disproportionate preference" for J-1 visa workers from overseas, reinforced all the more with the crudest and vilest of racist canards and platitudes aimed at scaring "REAL AmeriKKKan Youth" into seeking summer work (all the while expected to say No to the Enslaving Influence of Dependency on State Charity, such being seen as one with God and Country).

And in case applications are rejected for some reason or another, start coming up with all manner of canards about "reverse bias" against stateside help as can be the basis of civil-rights complaints which turn out backfiring for Gross Insincerity, Want of Standing, or for otherwise being Frivolous, Tortious, Vexatious or Otherwise Needlessly Wasting Time and Resources--not to mention making claims grossly irrelevant to the actual reasons for rejection of applications, as may include inadequate references, want of decent credit scores (especially where the parents used the name and stylee of the kids to procure credit, only to pervert their credit standing) or limited employment experience.

(But this is not to discourage teens and collegians stateside
from considering applications for summer work among the shoobie-traps; on the contrary, I would rather encourage such filing applications or CV's with a selection of summer businesses all the sooner, letting the employers consider your case on its individual merits. And to be truthful and honest about yourself, not bringing up anything about "fear of persecution" against "REAL AmeriKKKans" in so applying. As well as taking rejection calmly, if need be asking the personnel director[s] about specific reasons for rejecting your employment application.

(Too, it might not hurt to get help from your school's Guidance Counsellors about how best to sell yourself for summer employment, how to write effective CV's as get results, what best to say and what best to leave off same, &c., especially if you're considered "special needs" or "chronically dependent upon govermnent" to the point of being "advised" to find work under threat of benefit loss or reduction. Another good approach: Check with your local public library for helpful resources or call your local 211 infoservice for helpful referrals, many of which are available free of charge.)

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