You must praise of statins to reduce cholesterol in your ideal.
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18h30 UTC; TUESDAY, 1 APRIL 2014: The allusion to the link behind the lead-off image today being some research out of Italy suggesting that a component in bergamot, a citrus fruit as explains the flavour of Earl Grey tea, may be more effective than statin drugs in lowering blood cholesterol levels. However, I for one would urge your seeing your doctor about this before throwing the Lipitor down the toilet, especially as studies should be considered ongoing for the most part.

Radio prolefeeder Glenn Beck is sure to cry crocodile tears while bawling away the Filthy Songs of Our Fathers on his radio programme, thanks to a lawsuit seeking punitive damages for defamation filed against Beck; his online portal, TheBlaze.com; his production company, Mercury Radio Arts; and his programme's distributors/syndicators, Premiere Radio Networks, by one of his prolefeed victims by name of Abdulrahman Alharbi, whom Meneer Beck claimed was the "moneyman" behind last year's Unfortunate Events at the Boston Marathon finish line, and repeatedly over a course of days--this notwithstanding evidence disproving any involvement in the same by Meneer Alharbi, who had consented to an FBI search of his Boston apartment in the initial enquiries.

It might be interesting to see if Beck and his affiliated entities may be engaging in racketeering, as well as the prospect of associations with the Dregs of Society vis-a-vis the several "Tea Party," "9/12" and "Christian Patriot" movements and sects, particularly when it comes to the tone and blatancy of programme content as presented on radio and on streaming online video; if such could be proven, Beck could be on the hook for treble damages to the point of possible forced liquidation of assets.

Staying with said "Tea Party," "9/12" and "Christian Patriot" types for the nonce, Your Correspondent couldn't help but notice in passing on an "Osgood File" segment over CBS Radio this morning (ultimately via KNXR-FM out of Rochester, one of the last "easy listening" powerhouses on the radio) about Federal Government buildings being kept in good repair despite being otherwise unused (77,000 such from Mt. Katahdin to Mauna Loa, to be exact) which hath it that $1 in deferred maintenance presently = $4 in repair and rehabilitation costs later on.

Which is an equation such supposed "patriots" should ponder, especially considering their insistence on "keeping taxes all the lower" in hopes of stimulating spontaneous and instantaneous jobs creation through the private sector exclusively, insisting (per their misreading of the Constitution) that the State is not legally bound to do any sort of infrastructure construction or repair work. Such is nothing but wishful thinking, and which needs to be put out of its misery through the ballot box come November.

They're called "The German Doctors"--two mavens of the bridge world who used trickery and deception (as in carefully-timed coughing without any sign of illness or sickness) to win big-money bridge tournaments. Until a Houston-based bridge player by name of Eddie Wald exposed "The German Doctors" as the frauds that they were during a bridge tournament, prompting a replay involving the duo as was worldcast via streaming video--after which the not-so-consumptive duo were banned by the World Bridge Federation, the sport's governing body, from competition henceforth for Reprehensible Conduct.

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