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19h UTC; FRIDAY, 7 MARCH 2014:
In starting off today, readers, Your Correspondent wishes to apologise for not being online yesterday inasmuch as he was at the annual NAMI Minnesota Mental Health Day at the Capitol, essentially a rally sponsored by mental-health advocates pushing for mental-health-related causes in Minnesota and issues as are relative therefor vis-a-vis the Minnesota Legislature. Such being seen as an exercise in Developing Healthy Social Interaction and Interreaction on my part and parcel as much as a way to get out of town, if but for the day.

If ever there was an acme of post hoc, ergo propter hoc in Congressional context
, it would probably have to be (at least to Your Correspondent) the Tweet which Sen. Lindsay Graham (GOP/SC) posted online, with foot in mouth all the while methinks, suggesting that the current Unfortunate Events in Ukraine can be traced directly back to Benghazi, that dear lovely Fox News whipping-boy against President Obama's foreign policy (as if insisting that Our Antient and Peculiar Sovereignty was, is and will always be conditioned on a xenophobically hard-wired isolationism of the sort prevailing in the 1920's and 1930's, which insisted that, as a Good Christian Nation, AmeriKKKa could not expect to fall down the same path that Germany, Italy and Japan were falling down in the runup to World War II, and further, that such events were of no importance or value to Real AmeriKKKa.

And staying with Ukraine (specifically, the Crimean Peninsula) for the nonce, Your Correspondent wonders if we may be about to see a Groucho War of Jenkins' Ear (as it were) over a hastily-arranged ballot plebiscite called for the 16th of this month by the Crimean Parliament to "affirm" said Parliament's unanimous vote yesterday to assert its being a part of the Russian Federation, the which, from the moment of its very announcement, attracted a hailstorm of international criticism and unwillingness on the part of international groups to monitor the plebiscite to ensure it was being carried out in a free, fair and transparent manner in line with accepted international standards.

Former Arkansas Governor (and Christian Right drookie) Mike Huckabee hath this delusion via this weekend's CPAC that most Americans, "deep in their hearts," deeply and dearly believe that AmeriKKKa was founded by the Divine Will and Authority of Yahweh God. Wasn't this the same mentality apartheid South Africa drilled into its people (the "privileged as of right" White Afrikaner minority especially) to excuse apartheid per their Christian National Education syllabus (with separate streams for whites and blacks, remember)?

The Biggest Losers in the whole Bitcoin debacle may actually be the Zealots and True Believers in the Greater "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement who saw in Bitcoin a new "people's currency" that was more pure and noble than the "fiat money" issued solely on the whim of state-sponsored central banks unsupported by state gold or silver reserves held by the Treasury--but then again, you have "Tea Party" articles of faith insisting on the "complete and final" abolition of the Federal Reserve and the concurrent reinstarement of a gold-backed dollar in the name of "fiscal and social discipline," reinforced by what amounts to politically-dominant "currency boards" who could manipulate the money policy thus in ways calling to mind the manipulation of the German Reichsmark after World War I to the point of hyperflation ensuing so that the Reichsmark lost value relative to the American dollar big-big time.

As in the same Reichsmark whose value was pegged at four such to the dollar back in 1919 (when the first tranche of Allied war reparations called for under the Versailles Treaty were to be paid out) losing value so that, by the summer of 1923, its value stood at RM762,000,000 to the dollar (but not before the poor began using worthless banknotes as fuel, wood and charcoal being all the more expensive), all in the name of Germany scaring the wits out of the Allies into taking smaller war reparations out of the Greater Luscious Glory That Was the German Reich.

A popular "Little Audrey" joke as was popular in the early 1930's,
when the genre was in vogue, hath it that her mother told her to go to the Safeway to buy some groceries ... "and she laughed and laughed, because she knew there would be no safe way."

(Which Molly McGee would have rejoindered, had Fibber McGee said it [after allowing for an explanation of the gag]. "'Tain't funny, McGee!")

The which I mention because Safeway, once proud of being the nation's dominant supermarket chain (until a hostile Reagan-era buyout of Safeway Stores in the late 1980's decimated the chain oh so seriously to the point of stores closing in whole regions of the country, leaving them dominant only in the Intermountain West and West Coast states under the names of Safeway, Vons, Carrs, Randalls and Tom Thumb), has been approached by Albertson's, a longtime Internountain West supermarket chain, to the point of its being subsumed into the latter (and assuming the Albertson's name), subject to regulatory approval (just so there aren't Unhealthy Market Dominance issues) and other offers as may come Safeway's way during a "shop-around" period of 60 days.

(FYI, Albertson's is owned by the private capital firm Cerberus Capital Partners, whose namesake is the three-headed hound which Greek mythology tells us kept guard over the portals of Hell; he sported lion's claws and a snake's mane, and its mission was to ensure that such consigned into Hell could not come back alive, for the Cerberus reputedly had an appetite for living flesh.)

Finally, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the FCC's counterpart in the Great White North, has issued a Broadcast Notice to the country's three adult-movie cable/satellite channels (broadcasting thereof limited to the overnight Watershed period) advising same that their "elegant pornoo" doesn't meet the 35% Canadian Content Mandate as a condition of their licence, in its turn prompting Canadian-born porn actor and producer Brad Armstrong to suggest to CBC Radio's As It Happens last night that the mandate in question may actually be too broad and vague to the point of unclear on what exactly qualifies as "Canadian Content" for the sake of adult programming (in fact, the main objections were to what Mr. Armstrong suggested were little more than "gag reels" with titles in the vein of "100% Canadian Beaver").

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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