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17h30 UTC; MONDAY, 10 MARCH 2014: If there's one likely takeaway to come out of last weekend's CPAC 2014 satchem for the development of conservative prolefeed for the coming season, readers,it would have to be this: Videlicet, that conservative prolefeed of late has a tendency to be heavy on dogwhistle code designed to willfully and consciously (at least to the Great Within behind same) confuse and mislead the "REAL AmeriKKKan" in his Luscious Glory of poor whiteism seen as True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command as Will Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Land to the Luscious Glory of Bog and His Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints.

Meanwhile, it's emerged that the preeminent "sugar daddies"
of the Greater "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement, as in Die Broers Koch and their so-called "AmeriKKKans for Prosperity" (which, know, is neither), for all they and their affiliated movements teach about Industry, Self-Reliance and Personal Responsibility, are dependent upon the same Corporate Welfare their movement rails against--to the tune of $88 million/annum, know. Which speaks volumes galore about the depths of doublethink and related mind games, deception and trick essential to the "Tea Party" messaging campaigns.

Your Correspondent has to wonder how many of the "numbers" games across the country have had to close betting thereon on 370--as in the number of the Malaysian Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing as disappeared early Saturday morning (local time) into the Gulf of Thailand off Vietnam, reputedly without a trace of survivors. Even more stunning is where at least two of the passengers on the manifest had stolen passports on their person.

So much for the "tip of the spear" canard homophobic "Christian Patriot" types
like deploying in their prolefeed against same-gender marriage and the extension of civil liberties to the epicene and transgendered, as implies such to be a Clear and Present Danger to the Natural Dominance of the "Bible-Believing Christian" in Thy Dear and Lovely Land (said with manufactured hyperjuvenile emotion more than likely, not unlike the stylee of certain fanatically misguided religious): Your Correspondent has to wonder if such will be the same ilk as would love to use the "pearl of great price" trope relative to Christelik ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, especially when such is presented as a tool and agent of National Unity and Identity and/or as one with Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations as of Divine Right and Endowment. (Provided, of course, "nation" is applied in the context of the white-nationalist acronym ORION ["Our Race Is Our Nation"], and the conflated context thus implied.)

No wonder Walmart is losing such trust and confidence among Real Americans,
and then some: You may or may not have heard on the news where a Tampa Bay-area family who purchased some steaks at Walmart wound up in hospital when it emerged that said steaks were laced with lysergicides, yet grilled same nonetheless. Enquiries continue as to how the LSD somehow wound up in essentially pre-packaged steaks; however, for the moment, let's not get into copycat hysterics which could go too far.

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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