Actually, in the same sense, read the details of this image.

18h UTC; MONDAY, 17 MARCH 2014: If the picture leading off this post today carries with it some class of unwitting double-entendre relative to what cultural conservatives want to use as the defining standard for Amerikaanse Volkskultuur--Your Correspondent seems to lean that way.

As in the prospect of certain ultra-conservative groups, sects and movements subtly subsidising, or otherwise playing the role of "angel" investors in, certain of its "music shows" in return for its producers using same to subtly advance its prolefeed message reflecting its articles of faith (and I say "subtly" because it's possible for such subliminality to be seen as necessary to avoid possible scandal or image deterioration), knowing all along that Branson's appeal is to the Fox News/Rush Limbaugh crowd thus seen as "REAL AmeriKKKa" (as in the ranks of "poor whiteism" whose Afrikaner cousins down South Africa way were expected to see in apartheid their Natural Rights, Privileges and Powers made manifest, especially so by way of the Reddingsdaadbond movement as a tool and agent of their cultural, national and socioeconomic empowerment--seen throughout as a Mission from God to Save the Afrikaner from British-Influenced Thralldom).

I don't have any evidence proving this; however, those of you who have been in Branson in past, and felt some sort of unease over the "music shows" carrying some class of subtle conservative prolefeed message in the context thereof, may want to relate their experiences in the comments section for this particular post. Or have heard stories to that effect, for that matter (even if Snopes has yet to bring this issue up).

According to Mein Innkeeper Friend, those of the Elmer Gantry persuasion who are sucking up to Russian President Vladimir Putin vis-a-vis the Ukraine situation (especially so where the AmeriKKKan-led initiative to ban "gay propaganda" comes into the game as one with Defending Traditional Moral Values and Protecting Children from Homosexual Exploitation) are, whether they know it or not, closet Communists (and know, Putin was an officer in the Soviet-era KGB, the secret police agency, prior to the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union).

Never mind their claiming that they are Serving God, Country and Family, they are unwitting toadies of the highest order to the Russian regime and the United Russia party, not to mention its lackeys in the Russian Orthodox Church.

And they fail to consider this prospect.

Which, in any case, is something the FBI ought consider looking into as a possible subversion, perversion even, issue, with deeper implications of Possible Disloyalty. And the questions thus raised are many.

And staying with Elmer Gantryite types for the nonce,
especially such who insist that homsexuals are resorting to "bully-boy tactics" aimed at "destroying Christianity" in the process--given where the evidence to that end is lacking in credibility, aren't they secretly hoping for a few martyrdoms of the worst possible sort, the kind as could be used for prolefeed ends regardless of the claims and representations being subsequently exploded (cf. the numerous "Obamacare Horror Stories" as are quickly discredited with facts, not to mention reports that the "victims" are really actors).

Finally, a reminder in the public interest as deserves to be copied, printed out and posted all over (especially in culturally-depraved communities as are the bread-and-butter of "Tea Party," "9/12," "Christian Patriot" and suchlike movements, sects and causes):

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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