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20h30 UTC; MONDAY, 3 MARCH 2014:
Make no mistake about it: Expect "Tea Party" Zealotry and True Belief, driven more than anything by their Luscious Glory of racist hubris excusing contempt for President Obama (as if insisting that Thy Dear and Lovely AmeriKKKa Is, Was and Will Always Be a White, Bible-Believing Christian Nation--so long as "nation" was seen in the tribalist context suggested by the racist acronym of ORION, as in "Our Race Is Our Nation"), to associate all the more with Russian leader Vladimir Putin vis-a-vis Russian troops goosestepping it into the Crimean Peninsula region of Ukraine at the weekend on what may be flimsy patsies about "protecting Russian interests" (never mind that Russia's Black Sea Fleet is based in the Crimea) in the wake of the Ukrainian Uprising.

Especially when reinforced with prolefeed insisting that Putin is a Good Christian of the highest order (what with the ban on "gay propaganda" promoted by AmeriKKKan-led Fundamentalist Christian elements, with support from the Russian Orthodox Church), never mind such likely being a ruse to cover for his associating with the weird and unwholesome element condoning crony capitalism in the name of Reclaiming the Luscious Glory that was Mother Russia.

(Even then, Mother Russia may be paying the price for its misadventures in Ukraine: Forbes hath it that Russia's bourses and FOREX markets are taking a beating in response thereto, with the central bank announcing a "temporary" spike in interest rates from 5.5% to 7% on overnight loans; what's more, interest on Russian sovereign debt securities are seeing major gains as could approach record highs. Observes Mark Admomais on "
It may not seem that Russia will pay a 'price' for invading Crimea: there might not be any sanctions, for example, and it is possible that Russia will continue to control the territory it has already occupied. But as the rout in its stock, bond, and currency markets clearly demonstrate the Kremlin is already paying dearly for its decision to pursue a military solution to a political conflict. The longer the intervention in Crimea drags on the more damage it will cause to Russia’s economy. Putin and the Kremlin can think that there won’t be serious economic consequences for their actions, but reality will show them otherwise.")

Something for the Good Voters of Wisconsin to consider, especially those still hard-set in their desire to reelect their dysfunctional Governor Scott Walker notwithstanding his Luscious Glory of creating 250,000 private-sectoir jobs "spontaneously" during his tenure having gone nowhere and his jobs-creation plan still under wraps for the most part:

(The which, if anything, needs to be copied, printed and posted around--especially in culturally-depraved environments where support for Governor Walker is especially pronounced thanks all the more to a hard-wired embrace of conservative prolefeed without question or reservation, any deviation thereof to be seen as one with a Serious Mental Disorder or Aberration.)

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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